Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lack of words leads to more pictures.

Let's just start right off with the pictures. I can't seem to come up with any words.

Oh yeah I have words. "Yikes I like this little Girl."

So does her sister.

Oh yeah and she really likes her sister right back.

She will often be alot happier when Suzie is in her line of sight. If she can't see Suzie and is kind of fussing just turn her to look at what big sis is doing and you will have a few minutes at least before she is too upset to console.


So Friday this is why I was a bit late on the Friday fun of this week.
I had this little guy...

And his little brother over for a good portion of the morning and some of the afternoon. (they are stretching)

Nothing like a good stretch to go with a good hot dog. Indiana had Three dogs, turns out he loves hot dogs.

The best way to eat a hot dog I guess is to eat the dog out of the bun first then finish off the rest afterwards.

Little swinging Jade.

We don't have a side walk near our house so this is where the outdoor drawing takes place.

Paul took the camera with him to work at this time so there are not photos of what took place next. I filled a bucket with water so they could wash the chalk off their hands. I was not to surprised when it turned into a long session of water play. Both Suzie and Aleksie were quit drenched by the end. But all were a bunch of happy kids.

Happy Monday.

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