Thursday, July 28, 2011


I am wanting to start a little feature once a month. Nothing big as of yet just get out there more so to speak. I want to encourage hand made goods that are available out there and that have such an appeal to me. I believe it is this way as I am big on my own hand made items. I Love the idea of an individual or group of individuals taking part in creating something special. I Feel there is more freedom for both the designer and purchaser. I live in a small town and have few opportunities to get into more creative circles. A gallery that is near is still to far for me to visit easily. Our visits to Brandon are bi-weekly at best and then it is a quick trip to get the essentials. I want to be a part of the larger scene. So this is my way of going about it.

I hope to feature a new artist/designer once a month. This plan is a budding blossom and is yet small. I do not know how it will evolve but look forward to taking part in what is out there.

So here I will start. With this lovely work by Elizabeth Prince. I have put a button on the right column for her etsy site. Please check her out.

Our personal experience with her started with my desire to get something special for my sister-in-law. So I turned to Etsy. Cause as I said it is a rare thing for us to find the time to browse for anything. An online purchase that comes right to my door...well almost my door, is perfect.

It does involve a walk to the local post office. But we don't complain. A walk is what we love to do.

(sorry the shots are a bit out of focus, I didn't have the lighting figured out and I didn't really want to re stage this)

She waits like a grown up already. Hee hee.

(again out of focus for the same reason)

I admit I bought extra. I bought two extra in hopes to keep one and to give one away on here. Turns out Elizabeth was generous and sent me an extra one so now I get to keep two.

immediately packaged the five for the gift.

Enjoying the texture on these lovely little numbers. No two being exactly alike. As I say, Hand made is great for so many reasons.

And here is the extra one. I want to give this to one of you out there. So here is your chance. Just leave a comment of how you like to take part in the world of hand made. A random commenter will be picked a week from today.

Edit: A comment on here made me realise that I forgot to even say what these little beauties are. They are ceramic decorations that could be used however you might like. Let you imagination make the plan. Mine hang from one of my potted plants at this moment.


  1. Angie,
    thank you so much for posting this - it is a rare pleasure to see someone receive one of the parcels that I send out! The internet can be a little impersonal, so seeing the story of you and your cutie picking up the parcel is really touching. I am really delighted that you are happy with the hearts. Best wishes, Elizabeth x

  2. what exactly are these? Ornaments? Tags? They look very pretty.


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