Monday, June 27, 2011

The weekend

It was unplanned. It was sudden and with so much to do at home, we left. We packed up the kids remembering to bring extra clothes so that Suzie wouldn't have to ride home in just her underwear as she did last week. Grabbed the fishing gear and I wore a swim suit too.

We landed back at our private little spot, the one that doesn't have to be private, just turns out that way by chance.

The water was already warmer this week than last.

I fear this may be the last time I will feel okay swimming in this water as it gets so green in the heat of summer. A man made lake does not have quite the flow of cleaning waters that a natural one might have.

But it was a great pleasure to take part in the vast space of water. I love to swim out in a lake and find that I am not that far out in what is a large basin of water.

Got Suzie to join me for a minute even after she had bonked her head. She wasn't totally convinced at the attributes of lake swimming but did laugh her nervous laugh a couple of times.

I believe it was this trip that brought on the final fate of a frogs life in my washing machine. After washing the towels in hot water I removed them to find something white and mushy at the bottom of the machine. My heart churned after I gave it a poke. "Please let it be some form of lint build up". Too rubbery for that. Picking it up with a rag I turned it over to confirm my fears, this was one well blanched frog with a leg missing. UMMM, not okay. Picking up what might be its leg all was complete. This was the story of the day. My heart still churns at the thought of this discovery. I hope to never find such a thing again.


Later that day, after the lake trip, we headed out to the farm of Paul's family for a big birthday bash. Four birthdays in the month of June.

Our littlest girl looking so grown up and strong. Love her profile.

Paul's sister, Mandi.

There was a threat to rain us out of our fun but the "boys" lifted the behemoth of a picnic table up onto the deck. As they moved the table the two cousins sitting in their highchairs were left out in the middle of the back yard sitting in the rain. They had such great looks on their faces, both sitting there getting soaked wondering why they had been left behind. Wide eyes staring back at all the adults on the deck.

Leland, The great little man that he is.

these two spent a good amount of time playing on the edge of the woods. Not sure what their game was but it involved leaves.

Rose petals....


And shaking the trees.

Replacing the shoes that got kicked off.

Comforting the sad

Running around outside is the best, cause it is aloud.

One of the four birthday persons.

Mom also had her birthday this month. It was dads idea to get her an i-pod touch. Turned out to be a success.

The Stuff that needed to get done? Just the grass needed mowing, still does. Does that matter? Not really. Does it matter that we had a fun family outing? Yes that matters. That is what we will remember years from now. Not the long grass for one week. (though now that I have put that in the blog we will remember but so what)
So do it, that thing you wanted to do but have not been doing cause you needed to mow the lawn or do the laundry. Put that basket down and pick up the picnic one instead. And now I am going to paint my daughters nails cause I think this is a "bad" time to do it. The best reason to go ahead with something out of the schedule.

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  1. I really enjoyed this post... especially the part about doing something because it's an inconvenient time. Soo true! Love you cuz :)

    p.s. - I'm sorry about the frog...


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