Monday, June 13, 2011


" Mommy, we are on the Blanket." Okay, it is confirmed Big sister loves the new addition to the home.

I like this life, I like having my husband on the computer screen for a short visit from work while I type this out with one hand cause my other arm is busy holding a little lady for her ten millionth feeding of the day (not really, ten million, that can't be, must be a much more feasible number than that). I love that sometimes the grown little lady who is still shorter than me wants to sit on my lap at the same time so as to have all three of us girls on one chair while I check stuff out on the screen.

I love that chaos ensues through out the day and I find some way of making it through the mess even when it drives me crazy. Like the best way to cope with that terrible feeling of crumbs covering the kitchen floor only two seconds after you swept it is to just wear flip-flops all day long.

I love how when you pick up a newish baby, as in one to three months old and they do that really intense back arch stretch thing with their legs tucked up tight, they look so relaxed. I love hearing that grate on the floor upstairs in the hall, the one I wanted Paul to screw down so it wouldn't make that noise, that super loose metal on metal rattling noise. That sound means my Suzie is up from her nap or first thing in the morning. It means I get to see her face soon.

Yup, Proof is in the pudding. Whatever that means. I say proof is in the hands held.

"Give me you hand."

"Hold my hand Jade."

This is a great life.

An impromptu trip into Brandon late in the day, A storm is a brewin'.

The best shots from the car ride home.

A new hair cut for the summer of a mom of two.

"Suzie we're going to go for a walk now"
"We going to go for a walk!?, yeah we going to go for a walk!"

The dress from "A Crown of Jewels" Sadly the bonnet to go with it does not fit. Guess this little girl isn't so little anymore.

It was difficult at first to convince her that it would be fun to wear a dress, I guess it has been to long since I last put her in one. She has not played outside while wearing one since last summer so I think she forgot it was possible. I kind of had to force her to keep it on once I got her into it. After the first hour she realised it is not so bad. Now I have had her in a dress every two to three days and it has not phased her one bit.

Ah the fun to be had on a mosquito ridden yard. As long as there is a good stiff breeze to keep them at bay.

Ah yes, and then the little guys happy dance. I do love his happy dance.

Two fingers in the air like he just don't care with a run around the yard. YEAH!

Happy Monday all.


  1. I'll just have to make a larger one and Jade can grow into the other one. Happy post with all the wee ones. I also used to love seeing my girls in the back seat together, entertaining, helping, loving. Blessings!

  2. Did the other dress-turn-to-shirt fit at all?

  3. I have not yet tried that one on her. I have had Jade in the little bunny one a few times and she will be able to wear it for some time. Thank you, The outfits are super cute.


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