Monday, June 20, 2011

This Father

This year for the man of this house we had some great relaxed fun. I told Suzie that she could pick something out for him from the local grocery store. I was sure I would have to guide her in the right direction (not that chocolate, maybe this kind). Well little lady know her daddy to well.

"Suzie, what should we get daddy?"

"Dis for daddy, He wants dis"

Yes of course a bag of Jujubes is indeed a great gift for your dad. And I doubted that she would understand the plan.

We decided a few years back that Fathers day and Mothers day are about the kids doing something for the parents. So we as the parents will do what we can to encourage them to come up with ideas for the other parent. Also the morning of that day is a sleep in for said parent. So I took Jade and Suzie down from the bedrooms so that Paul could sleep in. Suzie and I prepared a Breakfast, nothing crazy just pancakes.

Then we all decided to head to the lake for some fishing and just fun in the sun. At this point there is no beach there as it has been chewed out by the intense flooding this year. But we found a nice private spot to fish.

And Paul caught fish. 8 or so. We hadn't rememberd anything to bring them home in so it was a catch and release day.

Suzie wanted to fish as well so she found some tools to do just that.

her version of fishing

Jade enjoyed all the holding time.

And I enjoyed watching my family enjoy the great outdoors.

It started with just our feet in the water.

And gradually progressed from there.

In the end she was soaked half way up her chest. Love to see the explorer in her blossoming.

And this little lady seemed to really enjoy the outdoors just as well.

(Yay for Gummy smiles.)

Oh Yes and here is that baby Stretch of which I am so very fond.

Ah, Also a good shot of my brave little ant killer. I have to remind her that bees are not to be trifled with, they bite back. "Mom, He's Deeaad!"

Suzie learning to push the button on the camera.

My view from my place on the ground in our back yard.

It's a good life.

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  1. A very good life indeed! Thanks for the baby stretch photo especially. She doesn't look like anyone I know, but Jade. Can't wait to see her!


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