Thursday, June 2, 2011

The New Life

I have often wondered at my choice in a name for this blog. My original blog was full of my deep emotions of the time. I found things to be sad and melancholy more often than not and that is what I wrote about. So when I came here to write about how life had changed I could think of nothing but how it is my new life. Lately I have wondered how I can call it new when I am now Married and that has not changed. I live in this house, in this town, that has not changed. Yes I have two kids but now that will not change for some time. What is new about this life? Then it hit me. Life is new each and every day.

A newborn wakes one morning to become a two year old who sings the ABCs more often than not. She turns into a big sister of another newborn who will awaken to be a two year old one day soon, too soon. And that two year old will be the younger sister of a four year old. And amongst all these "small" changes that happen day by day, there are the big ones that intermingle. Like the fact that I am the mother of these two precious little ladies. I am the mom in this picture. I am the one that kisses the bonks (though there are the times my little Suzie has kissed her own bonks when mom is busy). I am the one who brings comfort to a sleepy girl who needs to be held close cause she had a bad dream. I am the one who is to bring answers to alot of life's simple questions even if I am not sure about the answer myself. Thank goodness at this point it is only telling my little lady what kind of bug that is she just squished, or what kind of flower all those yellow beauties are.

The first pick of the year.

This is my new life. Every day brings newness to it. Sometimes that new is hard to work with, other days it is just the joy of watching little ones grow into bigger ones.

Or enjoying a brothers quick stop over to say hello

A simple family breakfast. The kind where everyone sits and eats with plans for the day rummaging around in our minds.

Some of us have very simple plans as of yet.

And enjoying the fact that sister is learning to share with gusto. She wants little sister to be a part of everything.

Check out this profile

a comparison of the two at about the same age.

And the fun to be had outside.

Now those are the calves of an active two year old.

And that face that is all grown up. Often she comes to me with an ant stuck between her thumb and fore finger, it's tiny legs scratching at the air, saying "I skished it, I skished a ant. He's dead now." with such matter of fact. Oddly enough I am proud of this brave little ant killer. Only because she no longer comes running from having seen a bug, all terror and fright. Next I will have to teach her that it is not nice to kill living things, unless they are "busquitos" that want to suck out your blood. Then, have no mercy.

Hope you are able to enjoy this new life. The simple pleasures of an impromptu visit, or just the newness of each day. Love this life your living in, it is your only chance.

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  1. I shed a few tears seeing your photos and remembering times so long ago. Yes, times change and life is the life you have today. I have 3 girls and a dog sitting on the trampoline eating their lunch. They said the sun only came out when I did. So I'm going back out to pick some dandelions for those chickens that are trying to crow.


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