Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A finished project

This is the finished product, a dream come true. I have wanted a quilt of my very own to sleep under. Something hand made, something that has fabric from my own clothes and from others that I love. I knew when I took this on that it would be a lot of work. I knew it would take time. I also knew it would be worth it. That I would like the outcome. Well in fact that is very true. I love the way it looks when the bed is made. I also love the way it looks after it has spent the night cuddling my man and me close. The way it looks so very at home after only two minutes on the bed. And now Suzie can finely enjoy it.

What is it about sleeping under something hand made? How is it you feel closer to the world around you. The ones you love.

There is fabric in there from a shirt I wore in India years ago. A shirt that Paul wore when we were dating. Fabric from Suzie's curtains and a shirt I made for her from a pillow case. Fabric that came from Paul's Grandmas stash when she moved and a shirt my dad wore when I was a kid. From my brothers shirt and fabric that was left over from items I have made in the past for others.

Fabric from a dress I made Suzie and fabric that My parents Batiked when they were in Bible College. Pants that I wore in my "punk" era of life. Fabric that was used for my current diaper bag. And a shirt I wore maybe 10 years ago.

This makes me smile. I love the motion here.

A dream come true. One that I can sleep under and dream more dreams. How great is that?


  1. Wonderful job! May I ask what you used for fill and also for tying. I've got some cotton "warm and natural" for Mei's, but used embroidery/cross stitch thread last time. I was thinking of yarn instead, so would love to know what you did. You have such a good eye and can make everything so straight! I doubt Mei's will line up, but it will be cute...

  2. For fill I have almost always used second hand hospital type blankets, that is in both this and my baby blankets. I find it is much cheaper than anything from a fabric store. Usually I like to use two layers for a bit if a heavier feel. For tying I just used what I had on hand which was a cotton yarn. As to straight lines, that is all thanks to my rotery cutter and matt. I am sure Meis will be very cute and again, how nice to sleep under something hand made. looking forward to seeing the final result.

  3. By hospital style blanket do you mean the flannel ones? Or the heavier fleece style ones like motels? It's been awhile since I was in a hospital...guess any blanket that won't fall apart would work. Did you machine stitch around the edges then?

  4. Hospital as in heavy-ish Flannel/cotton type blankets. I like to use as much Natural fabrics in my process. And machine stitch the inner blanket or the outer? Not either. Just hope for the best.


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