Friday, March 18, 2011

This time of life

So I realised as I was writing an e-mail to one of our Aunts that I have been up to alot these days. I don't have many pictures to show for it all but my house is slowly filling with baking and freezer meals. Kitchen chairs are being re-covered and more sewing is being done. Nan king cherry jelly and choke cherry syrup being canned (frozen berries from the fall).

(Choke cherry/apple Jam).
Recovering kitchen chairs, one at a time


Suzie using the frame of the chair for entertainment.


Baby room is slowly being looked at and worked on. No real redecorating just organizing. The room has been kind of a storage room as of late where stuff is just thrown with out any rhyme or reason. (Edited: Baby room has since been finished. A few small things to do but the floor is now visible.)

After a walk to the bank Suzie spends a bit of time out in the snow. This picture was taken little while back. Since then the weather has been much nicer. That clear spot in front of the truck is much larger and there is now a frozen puddle in front of the drive way.

She no longer needs to wear a snow suit outside and I have brought out the gum boots. There are still cold days but I believe and hope that the levels will continue to tip from cold to warm.

This time of pregnancy is a strange time. You need more rest than ever it seems and yet there is this awesome natural drive to get stuff done. You feel focused even though as you are baking bread you are forgetting to put in the honey and turning on the oven and forgetting it on while just trying to warm it up to rise the dough. One can't seem to help but work towards getting things done. Even when the pressure from the baby is causing a sciatic nerve pinch and you all of a sudden can now only sleep on one side because of the constant indigestion. Yes, that is correct I have gone from a measly two position option of sleeping to just one. It seems if I lay on my right side there is no sleep for the discomfort. Amazing how you can sleep all night on your left side and decide that it was indeed the best sleep you have had. Even though that is how you have been sleeping for a week now.

The house is in a sort of constant kayos. All the dishes from the baking have a hard time getting clean all the time and there is only so much drive to worry about the dust. But then that day comes where it is the dust that must go and trust me the ceilings will be wiped down before this kid comes. Don't ask me where this comes from, it is intense. I remember while I was pregnant with Suzie I wondered at this talk of women washing the floor just before the baby came. I thought "NO WAY ON EARTH!!, I can't imagine crawling around on the floor even at seven months how could you think of doing such a thing at nine?" And then the day came. I got down on the floor and washed the whole thing, two days before the kid came. And it was not because "well every one does it and so must I" No, instead it was a need. It had to get done. There was no way this little one was coming home till the floor was clean. I told my mom that day that I washed the floor. She rushed out from Calgary the next day and Suzie was born the day after that. So I am sure some strange cleaning frenzy will come over me in a month or so. Some insane need to clean the ceiling and floor, who knows maybe get up on the roof and remove the ice. It seems that insane sometimes. Thankfully by then it should have melted off so I won't be tempted.

I have already started to pack some things for the baby to come home with. May as well have that all ready to go. The new blanket sits comfortably in the bottom of my suit case along with a very pink sleeper and red and white pants and jacket. That way boy or girl I am ready to dress them for the ride home. Next I am looking to buy some new born diapers and start looking into how to make cloth ones work on tiny little babies. I used cloth for most of Suzie's baby days though I started at around three months with her. I am hoping to start earlier with this one.

Suzie has found her room to be a new place to spend time. I will be downstairs and she will take off with a goal in mind. Coming to the main floor to see how she is I will find it empty and hear squeals of delight escaping her bedroom. Going up another flight of stairs this is what I will find.

If you ask what she is doing she will inform you that she is Jumping.

The "smile" she brings out when I bring out the camera.

And so today will be another day of flurry to get things done. While balancing that with spending time with my little girl who is growing up so fast. And one day soon she will pass over from my little girl to a big sister and there will be no going back. So I soak up the hours of my little girl being the little girl she is and even now find it hard to see the baby that once was.
Enjoy this time, it is spring. In parts of the world the weather even says so. The time to take in the warmth and spring clean. Today looks to be a cloudy one here but that is okay we have many a thing to do indoors as well.

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  1. It's funny, I still think of you being 4 months preg. You are due in April right? The whole preg. has flown by for US! The washing the floor thing CAN be explained. Being on your hands and knees, gently rocking, etc, opens up the pelvic region and gets the baby's head in the right position. It's true. Squatting etc also helps that, so when we re-organize, etc, going up and down, we're getting ready to have the baby! So is Suzie in Paul's old room? You always decorate so nicely. Girls would love to play with Suzie girl sometime...they'd have a blast now.


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