Saturday, April 2, 2011

Life as we know it is heading into a new direction. I have Three to five weeks left with this wee one inside and then I will be a mother of two. For now I am soaking up as much time with my little girl before the big day arrives and turns her into a big sister. Crazy to think that my "baby" is going to be the "older" one. These days she is bringing such fun to my life with all her words and sayings. I offered her yogurt yesterday asking "Suzie do you want some yogurt?"

Her response, "yeah, I want some yogurt. Mommy have yogurt too?"

"Sure I'll have some yogurt. Should the baby have some yogurt?"

"No, Baby not have yogurt." Points to my belly, "baby in 'ere".
Kid knows where the baby is right now. Will she get what's going on when it is out? I have this feeling she will.

So this may come as a shock to some of you readers out there but the truth be told Suzie also knows who Spock is, and Captain Kirk and what the Star ship Enterprise looks like. Paul and I have been very heavily into watching the first three seasons ever made. So it turns out that according to Suzie the crew of the star ship all wear pajamas. "Oh, He's wearing 'jamas, so nice and soft, they comfy and cozy!! Oh! Very nice" All with alot of inflections on how great it is for them. Now even during the day she will mention Spock and the ship. I asked Paul the other day if this means we are going to raise a Trekkie. I don't know though cause I have this feeling we won't be much into the later series. It is the first one that was so 60's and great. Also I believe the next ones will be a little more graphic than the first series and so less child friendly. Week or so in Photos.

Mornings like this are rare as usually she is quiet in her room for some time, waking up, before I even set eyes on her.

Here is a morning girl.

Still not fully awake.

Waking up quickly though, it does not take her long. Her outfit of choice a few days back. She didn't want a skirt or a dress, just the leggings.

Looks good to me.

And another day out on the lake. The last of the season for us. It turned out to be a cold, windy day. But fun even if it was short.

Paul took Suzie for a walk out on the lake. She looked so small out there.

Heading back to the truck for the trip home.

Finger Painting has become a more desirable experience for Suzie. She is starting to find the enjoyment of the feeling of it on her hands.

The paint brush is still a good tool now and then of course.

And When mom makes a Chocolate Pie, the beater is a good source of flavour testing.

Also a good source of Chocolate face. And then last week we went to the winter fair. Suzie had her serious face on most of the time. Petting Bunnies is a serious business.

Pointing out it's ears,

and it's mouth.

Looking in on the sheep and goats.

Her favorite, it actually got a smile of out her, chasing around the little chicks, trying to pick one up.

So fun to watch how gentle she was with them.

I went in to the baby goats with her, holding one for Suzie to look at and pet. Turns out the wood shavings on the floor were of a much greater interest.

Dumping grain into the grain separator. Much fun.

I love to watch this man with his little girl. He loves her so much and that makes my heart explode with joy.

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  1. Most enjoyable post ever! Girls will be oh so happy that Suzie got to see a bunny and chicks and goats...every time our girls experience these things they think of their little cousins and wish they were with them. So sweet. Thanks


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