Tuesday, March 8, 2011

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I have finished yet another of my very enjoyable projects. I started this one in January and finished it about 2 days ago. That is better than the last baby blanket, which took about 6 months if I remember correctly. I did not take many pictures through out the project but there is one step that I documented well. I have a second hand quilt that Pauls Grandma Kroeker made for one of his Aunts. There is this jagged edge on it and I wanted to try that with this quilt. I looked up a few different tutorials on the net but did not like any of them. They all told you to cut a bunch of squares and fold them into the triangles. Then you would lay them all together and sew them. I did not like that. Knowing me I would have a hard time getting them to line up just so and in the end would be extremely frustrated.
Then I found this one that was different. You cut out a strip of fabric 6 inches wide. The only thing was that I wanted two colors so I came up with this variation.

Two different fabrics cut into 3 and 1/4 inches strips, sewn together. Then continued with the instructions. Cut each side into 3 inch wide squares to center. Starting with a full 3 inch block on one side. Cutting off 1 and 1/2 inches from the other and continuing with offset 3 inch cuts.

Then the folding and ironing begins. First you fold one of the top corners down to the center line. continue with the same corner for each square.

Take the other top corner and fold to center.

Then with the other fabric start with the opposite top corner.

Iron center fold together. Then iron the second side of triangles down.

Fold and pin down opposite sides so that they overlap.

Then bast stitch the whole strip in place. Sew this to the top of the quilt and hand sew the back to this strip of jagged edge.

The finished product.

I love this edge, It gives texture to the whole quilt and I can imagine the baby finding it quit enjoyable to look at and play with.

The whole quilt. This design comes away from the last two quilts I made which were simple squares sewn together. This one takes more measuring and cutting which I could take more joy in with my Christmas gift from my Husband. He bought me a rotary cutter and mat.

Yay for more variations being made possible. This blanket also contains fabric from shirts I have worn (not all of them but some).

The backing is a flannel fabric that I found in the left over bin at Fabric Land. I have been wanting to use this fabric for some time but was never sure about it going with any particular project till now.
All in all I am highly pleased with the turn out of this project. It has been alot of fun to put together and now I look so forward to wrapping my little one in it. Now it is time to start the next project, whatever that may be.

Suzie enjoying the new blanket even before it is finished.

Here Suzie is in her Book nest. I love how much she takes full joy in reading books. Immersing herself in the pages and covers.

Asking for me to read to her, her new favorite.

Sharing her stickers with me.

Binky is in a time out. I am not sure what she did to grant her this but I can see that Suzie likes to make sure she is comfortable while in her time outs.

Binky seems happy enough considering she got forgotten on the time out chair.

Today Suzie is sick. Just like that, out of the blue. I didn't really see this coming as yesterday she was fine. Last night, not so much. I believe she was up from about 11 to 1:30. I also was up at that time. It seems that every little thing was a discomfort to her. At one point later in the night, after the Tylenol, I heard her once again. Not sure what was going on, I went in to check on her and there she was standing next to her bed trying to climb back in. Did she fall out? Not that I could tell. Sleep walking? I can't say, she seemed wide awake when I got to her.

Today I am chasing her around with a hanky. Every time I hear her sneeze I find her and wipe that tiny little nose. I think today is a home day. I think she just dumped all her toys out of the basket and there is now a mess on the floor. I am always in awe of how much energy she has when "not feeling well". When I am unwell I just want to sit. Forget it. Climb the house all over. That is her way. The only struggle we have when she is unwell is the night. Night is generally a gong show. I don't have much hope for tonight. Shouldn't bother me much as I am up with restless legs anyhow, right? Yeah, right.
Happy week to you all. May you be well.


  1. Wow, that quilt looks so comfy cozy. You give me something to aspire to. One ?, how do you do the stitching in circles, your machine or just you? Mei and I will need to decide what to do with hers soon, we thought tying would be easiest for her of course.
    Glad Suzie liked the stickers!

  2. Hey Jo, Thanks. As to the stitching it is all hand done on the top. I sew the top together with my machine and the rest is by hand.
    tying would be indeed easiest for Mei. The hand stitching is deffinatly the longest part of the project.

  3. Beautiful,beautiful!! and that doesn't mean just the quilt (which it is also )but your little girl and you too!!

  4. Just a terrific blog! I love that quilt and the "leftover" fabric is so adorable. You are talented :)

    I am just so happy for you, and you seem happy and I hope that Suzie is feeling better.


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