Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Day of Love

I had planned on this coming out yesterday but I got busy with life and taking it easy. It seems I get tired easily these days and have very little energy. I try to put what I do have towards the things I want done most.
Anyhow I have been wanting to make Valentines cookies for a long time but could not seem to find a heart shaped cookie cutter. When I did finally come across one I couldn't bring myself to pay $2.00 for a flimsy piece of metal. So I left it. I all of a sudden thought the other day that there must be a way I could make one. Google it real quick and of course there are ideas out there. Some more elaborate than others. The one I decided on was a tuna fish can. Cut of the bottom and shape. done and done. All I had to do was eat some fish the one day (which I have no problem with).
So here they are. My tuna fish heart shaped cookies. Okay they don't taste or really have anything to do with tuna seeing as it was actually a can of salmon. But non the less these are my fishy heart cookies.

Suzie was blowing on them cause they were "really hot". It looks like she got a little close with this one.

Blowing some more.

Suzie did her own version of the heart cut out with this one.

Enjoying the fruits of her labour.

I only took time with a few of the cookies the rest just have sprinkles on them.

Paul Came home some days ago with this surprise waiting for me when I came upstairs. We are not usually for the conventions of the holidays. We avoid all the hoopla but this time he did this for me. It is so nice to have some color in the house after so long in the winter.

Suzie's pants fit nicely into the holiday, and this was not on purpose either.

It was a good relaxed day for us here. Nothing crazy. Just a simple supper and then some work on the baby's quilt. Paul and I watched another episode of Star Trek. Yes you read that right. We started watching the very first season awhile back and are really enjoying the old timey space thing. Very fun to see what they came up with and to see how they made simple props work for them.
Well this day is getting away on me once again and there are a few things I would like to get done. I have a new idea as to how I want to finish the edge of the latest quilt so I need to do some research on that.
Have a good day and rest of the week. (Thursday is the start of week 30, time is starting to fly).


  1. Suzie's piggy tails are getting longer! My oh my! Seeing your adventures in baking with Suzie reminds me of all those tender moments with my little ones. So happy you are enjoying them to the fullest degree! Did Suzie get her Valentines from the girls yet? Mom T's arrived right on the day! Squeezes to all, rub your tummy for us!

  2. Hey Jo, we have not yet gotten the Vday cards from your girls. Though we did get the last package you sent awhile ago. Suzie wanted me to read Kates letter to her over and over and.... well you get the idea. She loved the mention of the cookies. She would bring me the card and say "Cookies".
    We went out today and picked up moms Vday gift in the mail. It was such a nice day we were able to take it slow. The snow has actually been melting here.


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