Monday, February 7, 2011

Better than I had hoped

These two items for my Suzie have turned out better than I had hoped. I thought she might like them both but this is great fun. First of all I bought her finger paints thinking out great it would be to see the mess she might get herself into. Forgetting that my child, Suzie-Kim Kroeker, somehow picked up on her fathers jeans when it comes to messes on her hands. She hates them. If she can and knows how to avoid them she will. Almost at any cost. Even if it means avoiding eating her first birthday cake.

But here is proof that all things can be over come. Even the fear? dislike? disgust? of dirty hands.

This is one of her favorite parts of "painting", whipping up the messes that are made. She will spend half her time running around the table getting paint on her fingers and then whipping them off.

And here is the latest project started and finished in two days. It is a simple fabric house. I just throw it over the kitchen table and Wah-lah!! a Suzie sized house. This is her first time seeing it. She was unsure about entering it at first. We had to coax her in.

Here she is looking through the door as Paul looks through the round window. This is before I added the second window on the end.

Suzie's view of dad.

Dads view of Suzie

The kiss through the window.

Here it is the second day.

With the added window on the end. This whole idea came from a blog post I came across a few days ago. The woman had said how she had wanted to put bias tape around the windows but had none at the time so she just zig-zagged around the openings. I tried that first but decided that the bias tape was indeed a good idea as to clean up the edges. And Thankfully I had enough of the one color.

The round window was my own idea. I grew up in a house that my dad had built when I was just young and it had round windows on both ends of the house. Somehow I can't imagine a child's house without at least one round window.

A cheesy grin for the masses.

When I told her she could read a book in her house she took straight to the idea.

I love finding her in there at random, either quietly reading or rambunctiously playing.

This is Suzie's own little world that she will one day share with her little sibling. I can't wait for the many days of fun to be had ahead.


  1. That is SUPER FANTASTIC! What a lucky child she is to have a creative mom like you!!!!

  2. It's adorable! Love her little feet poking out from under the book!

  3. She's sooo cute in there. Every little kid likes to go into their own little space. Mine was the luggage closet and aromatic cedar closet.


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