Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The apron

Well it is past midnight here on an all to typical night of my life as of late. There are a few factors that can be brought into this regular phenomenon. One is that I am pregnant (starting the 28th week) and there for am up due to midnight hunger and the dreaded kicky legs syndrome that are both brought on by this state of being. To relieve the hunger I drink a cup of hot milk. And the leg problem seems to be resolved if I can bring my feet to a state of ice cold and then fall asleep before the ice melts.

On top of these most common problems of my recent weeks I have now added a third one. And that is a mind full of ideas. I spent a good portion of the day looking at things that people have made that I now want to try myself. My mind is full and spinning with new things to create and where I would start and which fabrics I have already in stock that I could put into use.

Seeing as I am on this topic of creating I thought it was time to start posting some of my latest creations. So I will start here.

This is the apron I made for Pauls mom as a Christmas gift. She had half jokingly commissioned such an item months before this and I decided that it would be an easy enough gift to create. The only things I was not sure of were both the fabric I would use and the fact that I had no pattern. Now I know I could have most likely come up with a pattern plan but was really hoping to come across one in a second hand store. So with that purpose in mind I went in search. Sure enough the first place I looked had one and then I knew it was to be done.

When it came to the fabric I was still uncertain till I came across this. This had been a table cloth that her sister, Bonnie, had brought back from a missions trip many years ago. It was the table cloth that was used for many years in my husbands growing up years and was now extremely tired. Paul's mom, Wendy, had given it to me to use if I promised to make something of it for her first. The rest was for me. My only concern with using it in this, or any, application was how very tired it is. (you can see in the bottom photo the hole that has been worn into the fabric, this was the best portion of the cloth I could find). That is when I decided to make it reversible. The back side also has pockets. Wendy said the hardest part of using it is not knowing which side the Kleenex is in from one time to the next.

When it came time to find a buckle of some sort I was extremely unsure as to what I had in stock. When I looked into the small tub that contains the belt buckles and such that I have collected over the years there was this little number in there. How could I go wrong. The color and size were exactly what I needed.

So there you have it. A small project that worked out so well. I do love it when I have the things I need already in my stock and am able to make something fun and useful out of things that were tired and finished.


  1. I hope you know how much I do cherish this thing so lovingly made. It's such a great way to remember Bonnie. She would think it was pretty great. It warms my heart to have so many memories of family times around the table, in a tangible form that I can wrap neatly around me whenever I'm doing those domestic things that are still part of being a mom, a wife, and well... me.
    Keep being creative... such a gift!

  2. Thanks mom, I love it when something I have made makes someone so happy. It brings the warmth full circle.


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