Friday, January 28, 2011


We have a few characters in our lives that I would like to introduce to you. One is very new (just over 48 hours old) and part of the extended family. The other has been in our lives here in the house for over a year but has really grown to become a part of Suzie's life in the last month or so.
Of these two there is one that is of much more importance though the other brings much fun. I will start with the less important one of the two.



This little black and white fellow spends alot of time traveling around the house. He is often set out for a visit to Grampa and Grammas at the front door or has to go and get his nose wiped in the bathroom.

I appreciate Zema's no nonsense expression when all things are said and done. He never seems surprised or overly excited at any given time. He just goes for the ride and takes part in all that is to be done.

As per the last few days he is even put down for a nap with a blanket just before his loving owner is put down for her nap.

Zema also makes a great dance partner (yes this is one of Suzie's famous dance moves)

(This is how that last move ends)

I will find the two of them conversing about the plans that are to be made for the day. It is in this position that I will find Suzie asking if Zema wants to go to Gabs or Grampa and Grammas. I find myself wanting to ask Zema things when I see him on the floor. I feel he is indeed a great little friend for my little girl. I never imagined how alive a character can be made through the eyes of a child. I love Zema because of who Suzie has made him to be.

And now the next to be introduced. This little fellow is new and tiny. I always forget how small they are to start out with.



Suzie is in love with this little guy. And for good reason. He is something sweet and soft, tiny and "oh he's cute".

She held him for a long time and commented on all the great parts of him. "oh his nose....Oh he's got jammas on.......oh his hand....oh. his other hand......"

Taking a close look at his nose and mouth.

She was surprisingly gentle with him and held him for much longer than I would expect from a two year old. Maybe I just don't know what to expect from this age of child. But I do know that the kindness in her heart is great. I do love her softness towards others. She has a kind heart.

This was her helping with the dishes.

"I'n helpin'? Yeah I'n helpin'"

Who can say no to this kind of a little helper?

Thanks for joining us in this great and wonderful life. For meeting us and our loved ones. I look forward to the introductions I have yet to make in the future. There is so much to this life that brings such joy and the new people to join us in it do bring so very much of that joy.

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