Thursday, January 13, 2011

Full to the brim

I have thought of this post many times, wondering where on earth I will start and end. There has been so much that has passed through this life in the last month that every time I think of it I cannot, for the life of me, decide how to get it out on this blog. So then I wait a few more days and then the memories get further away and I move more into regular life again.

Christmas holidays were busy, full, joyous. We had fun and a few little trials. (A potty trained little girl stuck in a play pen far from ear shot is bound to have an accident.) But I digress. I will get to the holidays and the events there in but first I want to start with some recent Suzie-isms.

I have to admit that some of the funniest words out of Suzies mouth as of late have been "Holdy Cap" I quietly smirk to myself and strictly say not to use those words. "You can say 'Oh my Goodness' instead". When she again says the phrase and I again tell her not to say that she says quietly to herself "don't say holdy cap, just say oh my goodness".

You know that you have taught your daughter well in the ways of ice fishing when she asks where Grampa and Gramma are and then says all on her own "they ice fishing, yup, ice hut". Then shortly there after she finds an empty milk jug and a twist tie and while dipping the twist tie in the jug says "I'n fishin, yeah, I'n fishin". I ask what she will catch and she says she will catch a fish.

All right, let's get started here.

Suzie loves the outdoors. She thinks the snow is some of the greatest stuff since sliced bread and with her that is saying alot. (she loves her bread products)

Christmas morning we opened stockings full of paint and little stuffed toys.

She also found a kinder egg which she didn't know which part to eat. I guess the plastic insert looked tasty.

She and her Dad put together her other christmas/birthday gift. I think it fits them both quit nicely.

The table and chairs has a home in the basement and will become her own little art center. Right now it is crowded out by all the back porch items that will be moved back into the back porch when the reno is done. (which has now had it's first coat of colored paint)
When that is done I hope to have a little place set up for her where she can go most anytime she wants to create most anything she wants. Got the idea here. It may be a little while but we'll get there eventually.

on an earlier day we headed over to Alex and Gabs for the big Thiessen family Christmas.

This is how Suzie and I got there. Paul headed over to the post office and met us later. Surprisingly none of my packages hit the snow.

Then it was family time. A day of fun and photos. Babies and toddlers. Gifts and laughter, lots of laughter.

We, as a collective group, decided to open gifts in the morning. This is against all Thiessen family tradition. But as a larger family with little kids we see the benifit of getting it done early so the kids can enjoy the rest of the day.

When we were kids the gifts were opened after Christmas Eve Supper. I at first thought that the other kids had it good cause they opened in the morning but when I got a bit older I realised we opened the night before most kids. Funny the things you worry about as a child. As to our own, Paul Kroeker family, traditions there are no plans as of yet. The little one is still young enough that she doesn't know that we aren't doing it the same as last year. We'll see when the time comes. Right now it is relaxed and unschedualed and that is more than fine with me.

All right back to gift opening.

Liams Bob the Builder construction gear was a hit with all the kids.

And my dear, sweet, husband had to wear some sort of Christmas gear on his head. I do believe that, unbeknownst to him, that this is a "family" tradition.

I do so love him.

I love how in the bottom two photos Gab is trying to tell this little guy to turn around. Then she remembers that he is younger than her youngest. With this age you still have to do a little physical redirectioning.

Suzie's Dad made sure she tried on all of the new clothing she got. Of course all as it was opened without removal of the first item.

Then Gramma read new books to whom ever would sit still for long enough.

and who ever came to join part way through.

Charlie Brown Christmas was another one of those things you just have to put on. Turns out I didn't see it this year, just watched those who watched.

I went for a short walk around town to take some pictures of the beauty in the frost.

Our own back yard with the path Paul plowed out for Suzie.

Turns out the path is usefull for me to get to the back yard and take pictures too.

Christmas season Misc:

I had a lot of fun decorating the ginger bread cookies this year.

There were plenty of these little guys to do too. Suzie has a hard time eating them unless it is just their legs. I Cut out a peice of cheese in the shape of a man. She refused to eat it, even looking at it in horror untill I removed its head and upper body, then she gobbled the legs down.

I managed to make Cookie packages for both of our families again this year. I love doing this even if all anyone gets is a little sampling. There are some that have been in my family all of our child hood and some new to me this year and last.

We took in these two little guys for a night as their parents went out for supper. The were so easy to care for and such fun to have over.

All drinking their milk before bed.

One of the many ways these two like to hang out. It seems Paul likes the kitchen floor right after supper and Suzie likes to join him. It makes for a bit of a difficult time doing dishes but who can complain about something that is so much fun to watch.

This little girl loves her Daddy and I do too.

There was of course a day spent out at the farm and I again seem to have no pictures of that. We all arrived early on the 27th for a pancake breakfast put on by Pauls younger brother and his wife. The rest of the day was spent opening gifts and hanging out. Also eating a lot of really good food. There is always much fun to be had on the Kroeker farm. With much conversation and playing of games. The pool table and the Wii getting the most work out. Suzie and her little cousin Jordynn running around the house making such a racket.

Now I will head off down stair to sew on a new project that I am much excited about. I have finished my husbands house coat (a man who is 6'2" is a bit difficult to find a house coat for if you want it to go past his knees, expecially when you don't want it made out of super fluffy material). so now it is on to the next project.

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  1. Thanks so much Angie. I really love the picture of the church with the bird going to land. It looks like you had so much fun.


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