Thursday, December 2, 2010

Of Birthdays and more

Suzie turned Two. For the first and last time in her life she has doubled her age in one day. (that interesting fact brought forward by her wonderfully witty Father). There was a birthday bash held at the Kroeker farm for both her and I, as my birthday comes the day before hers. There were wonderful gifts opened there and through out the next day at home. She very much knew what a gift was by the end and knew to just drop the wrapping on the floor. Of course I forgot my camera for the first party so there are no pictures of that.

The next day, her birthday, was a full day of telling her happy birthday. Paul was busy working on the projects that are all around us. (we are literally surrounded by them at this point) So the day was mostly spent just Suzie and I. At one point my Mom And Dad called to sing to her. I handed the phone over and this is what I saw.

She sat like this for quit some time and talked their ears off I am sure. I couldn't tell what all she said but it sure was fun to see and hear her act so normal with the phone. Usually when I have the phone to her ear she is done in short notice and shows no interest. She must have realised this was special. This was her Birthday after all. She matured in the one day. She even jumped and cleared the floor with both feet. Go figure.

After she talked on the phone with Grampa and Gramma Thiessen she opened the gift from them.

How cute is that tin. Yikes, I want to take it as my own.

But then again how cute is this little girl playing with said tin. I have decided that it is much better in her hands.

As well as gifts from Grandparents she got a card from Great Grandma Kroeker that came in the mail.

Daddy helped her open it. She was quit enthralled.

We have now stored the five dollars that she got from Great Grandma and from Great Aunt Florence in her piggy bank. I thought why not save them till the day she knows what to do with money and she will have something that she can spend. It may be a few years but it will still be there.

These are the only shots that I have of people at the party. I get so busy thinking about everything else I forget to take more pictures.

Still very fun to have all these little cousins sitting on the couch together listening to the story.

Then it was cake time.

She really enjoyed the singing to her part of the birthday deal.

She does like music allot, in any form.

I had no clue..

she can blow out candles all by herself. Aleksei wanted to help but she beat him to it.

Then of course we must eat cake.

And wear it too.

And the really little guys are too young to know what they are missing.

And then the last gift of the day.

Too much fun, a little mixer for Suzie all her own. She loves this thing. Thanks Alex and Gab.

Aleksei after he was told not to help Suzie open his gift. He didn't take it to badly.

And now on to more and other things of life.

A typical lunch for Suzie and I are eggs in many forms. I had put these ones up on the counter to keep out of her reach while I worked on getting the toast ready. She pulled over her little chair and started to talk about how they were hot and then this....

She is taking care of us both. Don't want to burn your tongue now.

And then more Christmas baking. These Cookies are a family tradition and I want to carry it on.

This is her "not touching", she will just lightly poke at the end of what ever it is she is not to touch very lightly and make hardly a dent.

Not touching some more.

She is not to worried here about whether she should touch or not.

Or here for that matter.

these are called Rug cookies by my family. I do not even know what the actual name is.

And the chip butter balls. These are a short bread cookie of sorts with allot of Chocolate chips. Suzie helped me arrange them on the pan. She grouped a whole bunch real close like so.....

And claimed they were a train. Even "choo chooing" for good measure.

As well when I picked them up to round them out more she commented that I was "soapy soaping" my hands. I guess the action looked the same to her. She attempted a few herself and ended up with longer shaped cookies. She called them Bananas.

She is learning to be more gentle with her touch when it comes to such things as this so there are a few less of them smeared all around the pan. And more of them just moved around. I hope to have her love the kitchen and working there in. I hope that allowing her tiny little hands to take part now will foster that love. It forces me to let go of my control freakishness and that in turn is probably good for both of us.

On the First day of this month we did this.

More to come soon.

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