Saturday, December 4, 2010

Of Christmas and babies

Well here it is. I had planned on this post coming alot sooner but alas I get busy and tired and now even sick. Sheesh! Non the less it is here now.
On the First of December We had a friend over to join in the decorating of the front living room. I decided to wait, to force myself to hold back from the decorations till the first of the month. If I did not force this upon myself it would be up beginning to mid November and I would be highly tired of it by the time Christmas came, thus the wait.

This old tree comes from the days when my father worked in the movie industry, a long time ago now. This was used as a set decoration and was too good to pass up when it was in the sale. We are eternally grateful for my Dads fore sight. It would go up for years in the playroom of our house as we grew up and now Paul and I have been given the chance to enjoy it every year in our front room. It is such a lovely tree. Paul likes the fact that it is not ashamed to let you know that it is indeed a fake tree.

This little tree that seems to not grow an inch but must be a bit bigger than when I got it over 6 years ago was my first Christmas tree in the Watership down.

The two oldies have joined forces once again to fill our house with yule tide cheer. This year is blessed with the little lady who will get it a little better than last year. Last year she hardly seemed to notice the tree until after the holidays were done.

That is most definitely not the case this year. At this point there are two gifts under the tree and she does not yet seem to have seen them. This is okay with me as she now knows what gifts are after her birthday. I am not sure if she would try to open them. She is surprising me often. One minute I can't seem to keep her hands off things she shouldn't touch the next she won't go near them. Funny little girl. Right now she is sitting at the kitchen table eating cheerios. She puts one on the big soup spoon I left behind after eating my cereal and then puts it in her mouth, with a big YUM! to end it all.

Just a few of the decorations on the tree this year. Top left: One of many decorations my mom made for their first year of married Christmas. Top right: The simple glass ball that I filled with beads for our first Christmas. Bottom left: another clear glass ball that I filled. Bottom right: an old decoration that came with the house many years back when Paul bought it. I believe he found it along with some others in the attic of the garage?

The tree itself is just as tempting as the decorations hanging.

That is just some of the Decorations in our home. To get the full effect you will have to come for a visit. We do keep it fairly tame, you will not be slapped in the face with decorations when you walk in the front door (unless of course you find the wreath hanging on the door does that to you).

Since the decorations went up we have also had a chance to peek in on the silent little world within. Baby number 2 is healthy and growing just fine. The results came back and all is well. They think I am four days earlier than my due date would give but we will leave it at the 28th of April because four days is not a significant variance. I seem to recall that Suzie's ultrasound also had me at a slightly earlier date but not enough to change it. She did come a week early so who knows with this kid. I'll let you know if it comes early.

Little baby face. Again there is that wonderful little chin. My kids will share this feature most definitely.

The ultra sound technician and I had a lot of fun this time around. Everything was looking good and we got chatting about this little one and how active it is. She thought it was really photogenic. Giving her great profiles and even what look like a couple of smiles.

those two little legs at one point did a little dance on my bladder. It looked really fun.

Happy Happy Happy little baby. With a beautiful spine to boot.

and a button nose. Even now I laugh at this little profile. It is a real cutie. Oh baby I love you.
I look so forward to watching you and your big sister grow up together. I think you will have much fun. She is going to love the living day lights out of you. And every time you cry she will look at you and quietly say "happiness, happiness" with deep concern in her eyes.
For this moment though it is time to head off to the kitchen and do those days old dishes. A full day yesterday and a cold to boot make for not getting to the dishes near enough. the rest of the day will be pretty relaxed if I can help myself.

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