Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The days go by

Okay this whole post may become extremely disjointed as I started writing it about two days ago now and don't really want to take the time or don't have the time to make it flow nicely.

As I sit here I listen to Maroon 5 and feel little nudges from number 2. I like these nudges. They are so slight but I know it is happy. It is sometimes the only time I can spend time thinking on this little one when I am so busy. These quiet moments to myself, sitting, reflecting, I get to take part in what goes on inside. I carry a very small being within that is becoming increasingly less small.

I am looking back at a few weeks worth of photos. I have pictures of our first snow fall which happened on the 11th. So some of these pics are old. I have been getting some Christmas baking and such done. Some of the projects I have finished are gifts for people who might happen across this blog and so no photos of them till after the gifts have been received. (Suzie just found the kitchen light switch so there is this on and off fun going on in the other room)

Here are the first snow fall pics that I got back on the 11th. Turns out Suzie loves snow. Not really a surprise though last year I had thought she may never. Silly me she was just too young.

We had this second hand snowsuit that I think came from the early 90s. Thankfully Paul agreed with me that it was pretty bad and I was given the go ahead to look for something new. At the time of this snow fall I did not yet know that this was such a funny looking suit.

It also didn't fit her that well so in the end a new suit was due. It turns out the one I found at a second hand store is exactly like the one her cousin has that was also found at a VV in a different city all together.

Alright enough of all that. We decided it was nice enough to go for a walk and joined Alex and Gab and their two boys.

Indiana wanted to build a snow man but the snow didn't stick that well. So he built a snow pile.

That they stuck arms and a smile on.

He was really proud of the out come.

So a week later maybe now. I had been to a baby shower where they had helium balloons and sent one home at the end for Suzie. She loves balloons and this one really was great fun.

She hadn't let it go until....

now and then she realised how truly great this balloon was. She played with it all morning. After her nap it had died. I almost cried watching her truly excited face as she tried to get it to float up again. It slowly dawned on her that it no longer floated up. I think I was more disappointed than she was.

And again a few days later. This was how she ate her grapefruit the one afternoon. Not sure why but I thought it was pretty great.

Now on to some of the Christmas goods that I have made in this house.

I decided that this year I don't only want to have cookies in the house. Some savoury type goods should be added to the table. So here is the antipasto that I stirred into being. Not to bad, there is something about the flavour that is maybe not quit right but not to far off for my first try.

And then these little numbers (cookies). I do like making finicky cookies that take measuring and laying out just so. Roll it to exactly this by this and cut this wide and lay out like so....

Then Fridge it and cut in to 1/4 inch slices and bake.

this is what you get. Oh and they taste good too as a bonus.
Today I am working on making rug cookies. I'll show you some of that next time I am on here.
On top of all the things I wanted to get done for Christmas Paul and I have added and whole new project to our lives. I think we are suckers for punishment. We have started gutting out the back porch. The fact that our front entry is about as big as a postage stamp and all three of us have to stay on the black mat with our wet boots is just a gong show. Also storing all of our wet boots and hats and mittens and snowsuits and jackets and and and...... Well you get the picture. it is not so great. On top of all of this we realise that it will only get worse as Suzie grows and now number two on the way. I think it would be impossible.
I digress. We have taken down the paneling and the vapor barrier that I believe was made of saran wrap. The insulation is fine so we will just vapor barrier properly and put the paneling back up. (we plan to do this cheap as possible). We have some tiles left over from the kitchen and bathroom that we will use and do the same pine on the ceiling as we have in the basement.
I have gotten some before pics and will continue through out the project. You will see it some day.
As for right now it is time for lunch. Though it seems I will be asking for it before Suzie, a rare thing. I sign off with a happy day to you all and great fun to be had in the days ahead.


  1. Great post, and don't knock the 90's suits! haha. Glad the orange pumpkin jacket is still in use too. This was a great post, with all the little goings-on's in a life.

  2. It's so nice to see everyone loving each other. Makes my heart sooo glad!!!


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