Monday, November 8, 2010

My little bit of news.

This is just a bit of news that I can hardly hold back for my joy found in it. This had been something that had crossed my mind once in the last month and a half but I did not even dwell on it for more than a minute. When I heard the message on the answering machine I was jumping up and down with joy. Paul looked on with a smile on his face. To him it is not a big deal one way or the other but he knows how much this means to me.


The thoughts that had crossed my mind were these. 1: someone could miscarry and open up a space, This was a most terrible thought and my heart broke. I did not want that spot even if it did open up. I could not have been happy gaining something so trivial because of anothers extreme lose.
2: They could higher more midwives at the office opening up all kinds of space. The chances of that seemed slim to me for Brandon does not seem to be a place that could draw someone from another location. But what do I know.
So when I got the call and the receptionist was telling us how I had had a call in the past saying they did not have room for me but......I thought "no, please not the first reason" But we have since had a new midwife...."YES!! so very YES!" and she is wanting new clients and would you be interested. "Of course I am interested".

I had come to the place of being okay with the no midwife thing. I had decided in fact that it could be good. I was on this road and I was not resigned to it but ready for it. Then the door opens and here I am. I had trepidations when I would look forward to delivery without one but now that is all gone. (Okay I just looked up that word, trepidations, and realised that is the wrong word. It is much to strong for what I was feeling. I did not have fear or alarm, just concerns.) All this aside I am excited and happy about this new turn of events. I look forward in a new way to the happenings around this pregnancy. I was not dreading things, I was just unsure. I am thankful for this new turn of events and wanted to share the news with you all.
Thanks for caring.


  1. YEAH! We'll pray you hit it off well with the new midwife. Another reason for an opening would be if someone had moved...
    Glad you will get your hearts desire.

  2. Yay, Yay, Yay!!!!! Happy, Happy, Happy!!!!! Joy, Joy, Joy!!!!!


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