Saturday, November 6, 2010

Beauty all around

This evening I sat and watched as my sweet husband read to and prayed with our daughter. The way the two of them sat there in the chair, her head on his chest and his great arms around her, melt my heart. The picture is beyond amazing. This is one of those pictures that no camera can capture for to attempt it would ruin the moment. It would distract that sunny blond head and make self conscious that tender man. So I chose to soak it all in for myself as selfishly as I know how. Then the ensuing kisses and hugs, the salutes and head bonks, the tender bunny kisses were too much for this one heart to contain. I burst at the thought of them.

On top of that was the moments that beauty and I spent shortly before. I had said something to her in a whisper and it made her laugh. So I, like most mothers who can hardly hold themselves back, repeated the lines again. Again that sweet laughter and then this. This moment where she looks at me and lifting both arms, throws them around my neck and hugs me. There was complete love in that hug. Complete with the feelings of "mommy I love you so much and you make me so happy". She sat back and looked into my eyes and almost started to cry cause she could see that was my reaction. I had to stop and smile instead so that she knew they were tears of utter joy and completion. Completion of my heart.

These two moments are without any documentation for they were natural and spur of the moment. They are to short and to sweet to try and capture with a camera when that would mean leaving the moment to retrieve said camera. They are moments that only will live in my heart.

That being said there are moments this past week that have been captured and here they are for yours and my viewing enjoyment.

When you start to bring your little ones into the baking experience and you allow them to take part in their own way this is what you may find comes of it.

If you can see the chair behind that sweet, Innocent face you will get an idea of how the floor turned out. This is all cleaned up and swept away long before dad gets home. His clean, organized mind doesn't mix so well with the miss-hap's of a soon to be two year old.

A shirt and gum boots are all one needs while sitting and reading a good book.

(Richard Scarry, Chipmunks alphabet)

For those who are wondering if I am showing any signs of the life form within.

Yes! This is me while I hold my stomach taught. No you will not see the ones where I let it out.

And then finally and evening in the yard. A beautiful day, with beautiful weather,

Brings a crisp, clean sunset.

Fall is leading us very smoothly into winter. There are no leaves on the trees and the air is quit crisp at night. But we have the few golden gems of warm weather. And we take those and run with them. Enjoy this short time we have before the snow falls and brings us more glories to hold near and dear to our hearts. The glory of the whitened landscape. I do so love the clean look of winter after a brown ending to fall. I was unable to fully grasp the beauty of this fall for the first trimester dragged on. But now that I move to the second trimester the freedom that ensues is grand. I look forward with anticipation to this new step in life.

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