Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's Done!!

I started this project back in June, these pictures being taken on June the 8th. The final pictures taken on November 9th. A long project in the making but never a frustration or disappointment. There were weeks taken off and even a month at one point. Some weeks when it got to the quilting part I only got one circle done a day. Many things happened in between and other projects have come and gone. But the old faithful baby blanket was always there for me.

I don't know what it is about the fabric I choose. Every time I work with this stuff I wonder what on earth I am doing quilting with old t-shirts. This fabric is not made for cutting into a bunch of small squares and trying to make them all work together for good. It is not made for a simple sewing machine and yet I plow onwards. This is the second one I have made (though this one was alot more quilting and alot more thought, the other one was a wing it and I am happy with the work). Both times I have wondered how they would turn out. I have found in the end if you take a few extra steps it turns out much better.

I also work with scissors and not a rotary cutter and mat. I am not sure but of what I can tell it is more difficult to cut squares in this way.

I adore this process of determining where each piece shall lie. Who lies next to whom and are there to many greens in this row?

squares all sewn together.

some of the corners do not meet up perfectly but in the end I have allowed that to add to the character. (I really did not want to seam rip that many rows so that is when the decision was made)

A ruffle added to the edge. I was nervous the whole time if that would be odd.

A bit of the under side.

Turns out the ruffle was a good idea. I love this little beauty. She came out better than I had hoped. Now that it is done I remember why it is I use knits. I LOVE the feeling of these blankets. They feel like an old worn t-shirt (partly because that is what they are.)

Suzie started learning her colors with this blanket. She would point at any random square and call out "Geen Geen" and then I would correct her unless she had landed it right that time.

Suzie adores the blankets, both this one and the one I made her. She will lay them on the floor and run back and forth over it or...

Well this.
I think it is time to pull out my old t-shirts and start cutting and sewing again. One blanket every six months isn't too bad. There will always be some use for them.

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  1. FABULOUS WORK ANGIE! What a fun, unique blanket. You have alot of patience to quilt with must be so soft and comfy:)


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