Monday, November 1, 2010

Pirates/cowboys, the two are one.

This years Halloween was an unexpected lot of fun. Growing up we never went trick-or-treating and so I never thought of taking my kid till last minute. We usually are sure to be out of the home on this night and so I called Alex and Gab to see what their plans were. They were going to take the kids out and hand out candy. All of a sudden it dawned on me, why not join in and take Suzie out too. So I came up with a plan on Tues. to turn her into this...

I was thinking pirate but it seemed everyone we ran into saw cowboy. I decided either were cute and so go for it, be a pirate cowboy.

Of course the outfit has to be warmed up in these northern climates. So a hat underneath and a hoody under the shirt. There were also leggings under the pants.

We joined Alex and Gabs boys, Indiana and Aleksie,

and were joined by Jesse and Christies little guys, Liam and Elias.

This turned out to be much more fun than I had anticipated. Suzie is a trouper beyond what I was expecting of her. She had so much fun and really got into it. She learned to knock at the door and then hold out her little bucket to receive the candy. I don't have pictures of her at the doors cause I had to hold on to her the whole time. She kept thinking she was going to stay at these homes. She would enter the house looking around at the new surroundings. One home had closet mirrors in their entrance and she looked at that mirror like she had never seen one before. She figured it out in the end though and quit entering and realised it was all about getting the candy. Funny to watch this new happening in her life. It was all so new for me. But Oh my word did I have fun. So much fun in fact that we went out a second time. I was not sure how well she would handle it but I figured we could go till she complained. Not once. We were probably out for two hours with supper in between and not once did she complain. I think she could have kept going if it hadn't been for my back tiring out.

To get a still shot of a happy child is pretty much impossible.

Counting out the loot.

Paul laid it all out to show it off. She was pretty proud.

Crazy the amount of stuff people give away. I so enjoyed being a part of a community. To walk around town with all the other little kids running about having a good time. To see all the smiling faces, to have a small glimpse of this town we live in.

No I didn't get to know anyone new. But I now have a face to attach to the home I walk by. There are people living there that are either sad or happy. It Just reminds you that you are not an island in town. There are others all around you.

In the end there are things about this holiday I most definitely do not stand for. As my husband says "people think this night is a ticket to do dumb stuff". I agree. People can over do this holiday in so many ways. But I do enjoy the fun that can be had if you take this holiday with a grain of salt. Looking at it as an opportunity to see and be seen. One woman asked if I was from town and who I was. It turned out she had called here once to ask a simple question. Now she knows who she talked to. I am no longer, and she is no longer a faceless voice.

And now on to other things in the world of this little cutie. Potty training has come full circle. We've got it. She gets it. There have been no accidents now for a good, solid week. It has gone from me always making sure she goes every hour or so to her telling me.

There is still nap time and bed time and long trips to Brandon. But as to here at home and even a trip to Grampa and Grammas she is in her panties.

I am soo very proud of this little lady. And oh do I love the lack of diaper laundry. Big cheers for less cloth diaper cleaning.

And how I do love the little body that is no longer over stuffed and padded. Now it is just Suzie, all my fun loving, hyper, crazy kid, Suzie.

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