Friday, September 3, 2010

Canning in full force

Canning, pickling, jamming. These are all good words that I am learning to take part in this year. I have done it a little in the past bust this year I am determined to make better use of my garden and the lovely gardens I am able to share in. Yesterday I got Tomatoes done. I got alot more than I had hoped would come from my gatherings.

Ten full jars and one half. Yay!!

Harvest started and then has been put on hold for over a week now by the rain. Suzie and I took a ride in the combine with Paul and I of course didn't have my camera with me. But I'll just say she was adorable standing in the big glass window watching the canola being eaten up by the big machine. Her little dirty nose sure was cute too.

Then I decided on one of the nice days, before the rain came in, to treat Suzie and I to a fancy picnic. The most fancy part being Suzie all dressed up.

Peanut butter and honey for her, Tuna for me.

She fell on the gravel walk way and promptly ripped her great little tights. Then I promptly remembered why I don't usually bother with them. But it was fun for a day.

This year the oaks are going to give off some acorns. Last year I looked all over the farm, not a single fresh acorn. I guess some years they do and some they don't?

And now the weather has cooled and fall is really bringing it on. I wouldn't mind too much if it wasn't for all the rain. At this point we could do with out.

Suzie and her blue jean eyes

Paul brought home a small riding mower for our yard. It is so small it only has one blade instead of the duel that most tractors have. Of course this is a dump runner so it is also a bit of a fix-it project.

And Life goes on and on. The seasons fading slowly and smoothly one into the next so that the leaves always seem to catch you by surprise when they actually start to fall. There are trees out there with no leaves on them already. I didn't even really notice them starting to change. It passes by so quickly and smoothly I can never seem to be ready. But no matters, I just grasp hold of what I did see and catch onto and enjoy it really quick before it too is gone. I love this life.


  1. I kove the ripped tights and the old-fashioned white baby shoes. No one else seems to use those shoes anymore. Reminds me of the old days. And your little dress. Altogether too cute!!!!

  2. Whoops. I meant love not kove. Is kove a diminutive of kovet?

  3. I'm not sure about the Kove thing. I didn't even notice till I saw the fix. I know about her shoes eh? I found those in an mcc and thought what better way to bring back some of the old days.

  4. Definately reminds me of an age that I was no part of ~ 50's. Love the canned tomatoes. I must say 1 thing ~ Mb seems to have better tomatoes, BC better peaches. Such is life. You win some, and lose some. Wish I could see you two walking down the sidewalk to our place...


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