Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's been awhile

So here we are sleeping peacefully so to wake early in the morning with renewed energy. Sick for a day but that means pretty much nothing to this little quick healer. Mom and Dad have a much longer lasting cold so of course she's running circles around us.

She's growing, and changing and so much more. I can't believe how time is slipping through the house and taking my little girl to an older place.

Canning lid rings, she's proud of her new fashions.

And Stickers, how much fun can be had with stickers. They are so "pretty". On her arm, in her sticker book and when they have folded or torn they are straight to the "Gardage". She is so helpful. She wants in on all the projects around the house.

My little girl. My sweet, wonder. "Tacular!" She is my little "tacular". She spends hours reading, she spends time "hangin out" with dad at the "puter". I know she is doing something she maybe shouldn't when I hear these words from her mouth, "what-a-you-doin?" or "why-you-do-'at?".

Oh my little girl, you are growing so very fast. You change daily. You are such a joy to have. You go to bed so very well with not a word of protest. You just climb into bed and say your prayers with me, give me kisses and lay back to sleep. You are such a sweet young little girl. I love you.

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