Friday, August 27, 2010

Waterton Family reunion

Ahh yes, Here we go. A time of fun and laughs. The kind of fun you can only have with a large group of people that you are related to and therefore get in a different way than just friends. Where In-laws are welcomed with love and in-laws to be are as well. We met new little Grand kids and spouses and a fiance. We spent long hours by the bonfire that was expertly built by Tiffs Husband, Rodney. In fact I believe he built every fire that weekend, for meals and all. There were hikes and lakes enjoyed, rivers and meadows. I believe everyone went for an ice cream at one point or another. The kids played out doors for hours and when they slept they slept hard.

I, sadly, am shy to take photos of people so this is all I have from that weekend. I really need to up my people taking skills.

Suzie getting to know Nate a little better.

My Parents arrival.

Cameron lake from our row boat.

Paul, my folks and Suzie and I enjoyed the beauty of the mountains and the lake.

Paul dunked Suzie's feet in the ice cold water, She didn't like that too much

Here she is telling me about it.

After the boat ride we spent time on the shores throwing rocks and splashing water.

And for a long weekend of Camping you cannot skip out on the ice cold bath. The river next to the camp ground is a typical mountain river, cold as ice and clear as the blue sky above.

Many enjoyed the natural current of the river allowing it to take them a gentle floating ride down to the landing spot.

Where you would step out on sharp rocks, desperate to be relieved of the ice around your ears while struggling against the pain in your feet.

But you couldn't help wanting to go again.

Grandma ate fruit with her little grand kiddies

Oh what fun they are.

And what fun we had, there was canoeing down the river and kayaking up. Time spent reading on blankets in the sun. Painting finger nails at the picnic table Cause you know you need your nails done while camping. And even though the original Grandparents have passed away this family shows that they can and will continue on in the foot steps of a couple of amazing people. Thank you Grandpa and Grandma for showing us all how to love and enjoy nature and each other. Let us not forget the great examples you were to us and let us continue to show our children the same. We all love you and miss you. And thank you to all who made this wonderful time happen. We all appriciated it so very much.

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