Monday, August 23, 2010

"Dook It"

Dook: To dip, to dunk or to add something. If you have something you really enjoy you can make it better by dooking it. Toothpaste on a tooth brush. Ketchup on anything. Pizza sauce on pizza crust. Crackers in soup. The list never ends.

The last while we have been dooking life. We have dooked it with Suzie Pizza's.

Paul and Suzie made Suzie Pizza's together.

Both patting out the dough and spreading the pizza sauce.

Adding the cheese and meat just so.

And then she ate them both all up. Suzie's very own little pizzas.

Then we dooked it with Liam for his birthday. He turned three and served up ice cream, the stuff his mom makes. Super good ice cream and super fun times. Thanks for having another birthday Liam, you can do that any time.

What a super cute Three year old. Such a very sweet young man.

He also had party hats for all the little ones. Though they are all changing from little to bigger.

Liam's super fun gift. The one that had the parents on par with the kids for entertainment levels. A very wonderful Cars play tent that seemed to have trouble staying up right with four little crazies running into the walls. One would run in with the others soon to follow, you would hear a ton of laughter and then the walls would start to cave in and littles would come flying out from both the door and the underside of the tent. Some with crazed looks of ecstatic joy, others with looks of shock and terror. The tent would then be put back up in a most difficult manner for the thing truly feared what was about to happen and then it would all start over again. Thank you Christi and Jesse for the side splitting laughter, I still get giddy thinking of it.

Elias taking part in the festivities as best he can. Yeesh this is an easy going little guy. Love you kid.

Liam with his Great Grandma Weins.

Then Suzie and Paul and I took part in one of the now soon to end out door meals dooking it with a Popsicle. Suzie's first of the year. I just never thought of it till that day.

She licked and licked that thing and it dripped and dripped all over the place.

As you can see she had to dook her chicken nuggets in ketchup earlier and it was all over her face.

What a yummy Popsicle.

And last of the weekend was a short trip out to Grapa and Grampas place. On the way Daddy picked you a flower. I figured you would take it all apart. I was wrong. You really loved that flower. After your nap you wanted it in your little hand again. Sad that it was all done.
Suzie thank you for being my little lovely girl, reminding me to "dook it". Let me not forget to do so with all of life. I love you.

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