Thursday, August 19, 2010

Summers End is Only Beginning

When the weather turns cool at night and the air holds it's crisp long into the morning. That is when you know, the summer will indeed close, opening up the Autumn. The days are but a bit shorter and instead of running from the scorching sun, you seek out it's golden rays. The air is cool, the sun is warm and my heart is full.

We sit at the picnic table as I write this and Suzie holds her two special "corns" picked from the oak tree yesterday. One for each pocket of her bright pink shorts. She is wearing only shorts. The days are fewer now that we can do this so we must soak it up as best we can. Chickadees flit in the trees as Suzie calls out to the "bauds".

The garden is giving of itself as best it can. The peas having finished awhile ago. So have the beans for that matter and once again I let too many of them get too fat. One of these years I will do better. I hope I have enough for the winter. I am praying my tomatoes will ripen close together so I may can some. I use alot of canned tomatoes and would like to do them from my own garden this year.

How do I even capture the essence of life with this sweet little someone. This being who shows me a little more of herself each day. The other day I was cleaning the bed rooms upstairs and she was playing around the room. At one point she was talking to herself and I caught the word "home" then in a full clear sentence I hear her say "it's time to go now"

And then these shots of the fun she has with the water.

What a little lady.

I could go on forever with all the fun she brings on. But you know, I do have to go to bed eventually for in the morning this fun, silly little girl whom I love so much will be up again at 7:30 am no matter how badly I would like to sleep in. And tomorrow will bring another day of her toys all over the house and her hands into everything keeping me constantly on my toes. I will ask myself, when I am starting to go crazy with the non stop action of my lively little lady, why on earth I was not in bed at a more reasonable hour. So instead of going through more photos tonight I will try to get on top of doing it more often again. I seem to be slacking abit these days. I must sleep so that I may take more of tomorrow with a stronger hold to grasp every bit of joy there is to be had. And let the pails lie to be picked up at another time.

a typical day of my daughters handy work.

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  1. Oh, Ang! I just LOVE the pics and stuff you write about your little sweetie and your beautiful life! Your babies are so very blessed to have such an amazing Mommy! And isn't Suzie wearing a little plaid dress you used to wear? I may be wrong, but it sure seems familiar. Love you lots! Hugs to you and Suzie all the the way from Prince Edward Island. Oh! And I can hardly wait to tell my kids about your most recent post!!!! :)


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