Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Three Loves

Three things in life that I love. Three things that make me happy. That fill my heart with joy and remind me that life is good. There are simple things and more complex each with it's own little bit of goodness.

The little hands and feet of my little lady. The way they know life anew. The way they touch and feel both good and bad. The way the feet hate to have wet grass strung between the toes. The way the little hands need to pat the dough when ever I bake any form of bread or buns.

The toes love the wet sand and the comfort of a good pair of shoes and even more the removal of the shoes.

I love this family. The three of us. The time we spend together with both great and small adventuring. Right here at home or out in the great big world.

The time we enjoy close together. This great big, small family. Full of love for one another and life.

The quiet times. The way the sun shines down as I read a book. The wind tosses my hair aside as I go for a walk. Riding bike even a short distance through the simple streets of our small town. Reading a few lines at a time of a really good book. Because there is not much time given to doing the simple things as the business that life brings is much and that is good.

And if it is not a good book being read then there are projects to take part in. Sewing and creating are a great love of mine. Trying new things. Making up new clothes for my daughter and stitching together blankets for baby friends that haven't even made it into this world yet.

The small joys of life are what make up the greater whole of our being. These are but a few of the things that take the days and fill them full up to the top. There are always new things to look forward to and jump full in. Looking all around me I can find new things that I take great joy in. There are many things I would like to do but I must take it one step at a time. There will be much to take part in. There is much to love. These three simples just start the list off.

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