Saturday, July 3, 2010

Watermellon and Rollkuchen

Rollkuchen, a great Mennonite treat. It is a meal in and of itself. It is the iconic summer meal. It speaks of hot weather and hot oil. It speaks of children up to their elbows in red juice, covered in corn syrup and as happy as pigs in mud.

it is the gathering of families.

All ages enjoy this great treat.

I think she is talking with her little one

There was something different about this Rollkuchen day. The rains came. The thunder boomed, we all got wet and then we all went in.

But nobody (especially myself) can tell me this kitchen is too small for family. I love our families. My brothers, their families and Paul's parents all hung out in our little kitchen. The one that I wonder how we will ever fit our own family in when they grow older. It can be done. We learn to be close. We work together and just live life. It is a good place to be.

The kids had fun and then they got tired. I believe each and every one of them crashed when their heads hit their pillows. The cousins have such a great time together. All these kids are so sweet.

Oh and here is where the oil comes in. Deep fried dough, that's what Rollkuchen is. And as there was water falling from the sky (I find it doesn't mix well with hot oil) the procedure was moved to the garage. Got to appreciate dough hanging all around the tools. This turned out to be one of the hang out spots as well. As mothers moved children indoors some of the other adults moved to the garage. Cooking rolkuchen and visiting.
The rain fell, the kids cried and we all moved inside. But oh what fun. We gathered in tight quarters and visited, laughed and enjoyed life. And who says hot weather meals have to be eaten in hot weather? Rain is just as well. As the children's hands were not the only ones covered in juice and syrup, I left the camera aside mostly, just sat back and drank it all in.

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