Monday, July 5, 2010

A Glorious Sundea

I sit here for a short few minutes to write all the things down of the last two days. My head is full of the joy and fun and yet I don't seem to have any words for them. Instead my mind is being taken up by all that needs doing. Supper for one. We need to eat some of that. Suzie sits in her high chair with a boiled egg and a fork. Well she did have a fork, now it is on the floor. There's a baby to feed, supper to make, Strawberries to hull and so much more. I thought keeping the writing and the photoing all up to date would be easier than this. I guess I am normally busier than I first believed.

Ah all is well, Paul is upstairs reading to Suzie now as she is about to go to bed. I love hearing him read stories to our little book worm. His love for her is apparent in the softness of his voice. I Still remember with great joy the look on his face the day she was born. She had herself wrapped all around his heart in a minute.

Sunday was a day spent as a family. Paul came home on Saturday night from a dump run with my brother with a gift for Suzie. Yes, we bring gifts home for our daughter from the dump. This one was for more than just her. This was for the whole family.

He told her on Sunday that he had something for her. That he had a gift for her. He went and got it and brought it into the fence. The minute she saw it she knew it was for her. You could tell by that studying smile. The deep look in her eyes and the speed with which she climbed in.

He had to clean it and fix one tire before she could use it. So she and I played with bubbles. (Thanks Indiana for the bubbles, Suzie loves them)

I blew bubbles first while she would run all over the yard to catch them. It was serious business.
Her studying eyes, her intense little mouth. I felt sad for her. She would catch up to a bubble that had been caught in the grass and the second she touched it to know more, it was gone. So I handed it over to her.

I think that was the best idea ever.
Once the wagon was all ago we went for a short jaunt around the yard

Then as she went down for a nap Paul and I did a few small projects around the yard. He tilled the garden.

and I took pictures. We also planned our new compost bins and built the water pump stand. We are going to have a separate supply of water behind the garage for the garden and green house. We hope to have them both self watering before we leave at the end of the month. Though with all the rain this year we might not need to.

Suzie woke up.

She snacked on her new favorite, Shreddies. Grandpa Martens would be proud.

and of course she was off to her new found love. That wagon...well it is just the greatest. There will be more to come of how great it is in the next post.

Then it was off to the local creamy for some supper and ice cream.

These two know how to have fun. Her laugh is so grand.

Confirmed. She has learnt how to use a straw.

Watching your tiny hands hold that big cup. You explore each nook and cranny of this world around you. I don't believe a single thing misses your inspection. You impress me little girl.


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