Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day out on the town.

It's morning, Suzie sits next to me eating cheerios and counting "eight, nine, ten, laly but, yay suzie good girl". I am not sure what Laly but is though the rest is pretty clear.

Yesterday she and I danced the vacuum dance. If you have ever vacuumed with a toddler near by you might remember this dance. It is not graceful and usually it is not to much fun. It is generally danced more out of necessity than anything else. The dance is a back and forth step by one partner and an in and out and all tangled up step by the other along with a large prop. It is inevitable that the smaller of the two will be knocked over by the prop as it is extremely difficult for the older partner to pull back from the forward thrust when the little one decides to do a sudden, in front of you, step. And the music to accompany it is not something you would wish to download to your i-pod. If you really like the music than your house should just be that much cleaner.

But I must say, what is it that makes me feels so wonderful after the house has had a thorough cleaning? Why do I wait so long? The house feels wonderful. When you walk into the next room it is as good as slipping under fresh clean sheets at night. There is calm.

Time has elapsed and Suzie is now running back and forth in the house. Her energy levels are high. We went for a walk to the bank (which is closed for Canada Day, Sheesh! what is wrong with me).

We sat outside the bank and watched the trains pass.

Then we spent time in the local flower garden.

I love this place. I love that there are people in town who take the time and care for this plot of land. I love that it is just down the street from us. It is so quaint, so peaceful, even with all the "'squitoes".

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