Monday, July 12, 2010

Time flies when you're having fun

Let's see. The past week or so. My goodness how time flies when you are getting stuff done.
Paul has been busy getting our garden to water itself. This is the back yard water pump with it's own pressure tank and three taps. One will be for the garden, one for the green house and one for whatever else.

Paul resurrected this pump from an array of many damaged pumps. The motor was done and I don't know what all. The sand point had to be brought up and replaced. When he replaced it the new sand point let in too much sand so he had to pull it up again and clean the first one and use it. We were not really in the mood to spend another $100 on just the sand point. We were trying to go as cheap as possible. When don't we try to do that?

So we created a garden size drip hose out of an old garden hose and new drip lines. Turned out amazing.

Mapping it out.

These are what the joints look like.

The garden all laid out.

The water going through the drip lines. They work sooo well. We have a timer set to run every two days for half an hour. And we are not watering the weeds.

The Lily patch next to the house is going crazy again this year.

That was early last week. In the later part of the week we have been going to Paul's parents yard to take care of a few of the chores. Clearing the potato plants of potato bugs. Gross, red, squishy little things when they are young. His parents are trying to avoid using chemicals on the plants for as long as possible. If all continues as it did for me today they should be able to do it.

Suzie loves ridding in the Dodge. She loves going to Baka's. Every day we went her comment on being at "Baka's" place got quieter and quieter. She will be so excited to see them again. She did learn to fall in love with rides on the quad.

Suzie helping dad build stuff.

The sweetest smile I know. Oh I do love this little girl. I love how much fun she has running all over the yard.

Off to collect "eeggs" from the chicken barn.

She gets so grubby and bit by bugs but loves it anyhow.

Sleeping in the wagon while dad and mom pick bugs off the plants. Dad's version of sun screen. Just a few plants over the legs and she sleeps on.

This has been a very busy week. There have been many tears. Suzie isn't used to late nights and schedules being all knocked out of place. And her mother isn't always so good at it either. Thankfully there is a stable father/husband who can take the emotional swings of his two girls and ease them through. Thank you my love for helping us make it through the ups and downs of our silly emotions.

Now to work on getting this house ready for a trip away. Have books to do, and camping plans to make. Probably other stuff too but I haven't taken the time to figure it all out yet. That will be part of the next week and a bit of getting ready. Make a plan of what needs to be done.

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