Friday, July 16, 2010

Busy summer days.

Here we are again. Suzie in the tub and I with little Lappy. Little Lappy is a new concept to me cause Paul usually has him at work and so I forget about having this Mobile tool on hand. But as we are on Summer holidays I am getting used to having Lappy at my disposal. I will be sad when he goes back to work.

It's another late night for Suzie but I am starting to go with the flow about these nights. I would like her in bed before 11 PM at least anything else is just a bonus. Yes there have been nights when my silly little girl is still up at 11 at night. Crazy!! The thing I can never believe when that happens is that she is still actually functioning in a mostly normal matter. That she hasn't totally conked out in the middle of the room.

This morning she did just that. She woke up at 6 am which for us is not normal. I can't really function that well at that time so she plays around upstairs while I dose in bed. This morning as she played around she was crawling all over the bed and I finally told her to go play in her room. As she was working her way off the bed she must have miss calculated and fell off instead. So as she is crying I go and pick her up and have her cuddle in bed with me. I figure at that point that she is still tired cause she actually cuddled. She didn't try to calmer all over the place.

After awhile she got back on the floor and I didn't hear her for a bit. All of a sudden Paul asks where she is. I realize I don't know. He looks over the edge of the bed and there she is asleep on the floor beside me.

These last few days have been quite hectic with figuring out stuff for the trip that is now less than a week away. I am slowly writing out lists and trying to get things done. Hoping that when the time comes I will be mostly ready. One thing that needs readying are the books. I have to get them all organized and put in place before we leave. This is the lay out of the prep work. I hate it when it spreads this far. Only while Suzie naps.

We have spent alot of time at the farm as I mentioned in the last post. Here is a bit of what we were working on.

Here is Suzie's way of helping with the painting.

The great thing about spending time at the farm is it usually means spending time with the family. Suzie and Jordynn Love hanging out together.

And Jordynn helps her mom as best she can

My Sweet girl and I will often make an outing out of the little trips in town. The post office, the grocery store and the bank. Just a short walk but it can turn into an adventure. Just as all things can when a little one is involved.

The things she needs and the things I need are two very different types of needs. But in the end both of equal importance.

If not hers being more important for how great a treasure it is.

Thank you Jody for my great new hat. I am loving it.

It was time for a quick family photo shoot. We took as few shots as possible as these are not Paul's favorite things to do. But thank you my dear it looks good.

On the way home from the farm today I decided to take a minute to take a few pics of the fields down in the valley. They have been flooded for all the rain we have been having. This is a typical amount of flooding in the spring but this time in the summer is reticules.

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