Monday, July 26, 2010

Just a teaser

What a weekend. What a trip. What fun was had by all. Heat and mosquitoes, delays by broke down vehicles. Family, old and new, young and experienced. Meeting new in-laws. Late night camp fires with the full moon lighting up the mountains. A shooting star that lasted long enough for the thought process of "oh wow a shooting star I should tell everyone. No I won't bother it will be to late, wait it is still there I should tell them" and then I call out that there is a shooting star and everyone turns to see it flare and flash in it's beautiful stream.

How can you put into words the great fun and joy that is had in a weekend of family. A reunion with the Martens' is an active frenzy of outdoor fun and food to much to contain. Laughs in ice cold rivers, around large bon fires, in the shade of the kitchen hut. The mountains looking down from their majestic heights. All the grand kids running around in the grass, chasing and laughing. Suzie had great fun. She spent hours playing at the picnic table with the bubble wands that had no bubbles. She stayed up late, she slept well the last two nights, the way to keep her warm was a heavy blanket over the whole play pen.

Cousins feeding Suzie chocolate pudding. She was a happy girl.

The drive to the mountains was delayed by the leaking of oil in the Dodge. Burning oil smell is not a good thing the first hour of a long drive. The pressure sending unit decided it was done. Spewing oil out a liter an hour. Two hours later a new unit is in place and we are back on the road, the tent trailer bouncing along behind. Traveling with Alex and Gab brought great fun and a wonderful help in times of break downs. Coffee and Chi tea from the little coffee shop in Swift Current. Three littles running and introducing themselves to the grand fathers in the shop.

The beauty is spectacular. I long to be back already. How can I be in two places at once?

For now I will leave it at this I hope to post much more. This trip will have to be put up in instalments as there is much of life being lived. Soon enough we will head home and the business of life there will over flow all around me. Here's to life, Here's to love, Here's to joy with with them all.

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