Thursday, August 5, 2010

Home again, home again

We have been home for over three days now and I maybe feel caught up on all the chores and cleaning. It takes a good week to get ready for a camping trip and just about the same amount of time to unpack. The one nice thing is that we were in Calgary for almost a week before we came home so laundry wasn't a mile high.

Coming home doesn't only mean clean up from the trip but a rush to get to the harvest at the same time. I have spent a good many an hour picking and freezing foods and cleaning the pepper plants of aphids.

Suzie helps as best she can. I call her handsy these days as she is grabbing at anything and everything

I adore this look on her face. The studying eyes, the intense mouth.

I do so want to post more pictures from our wonderful trip as well so I think I will do it slowly over time. I haven't even had a chance to go through all 1600 of them yet as they are on little lappy. But I do have here what was on my camera. A trip to the park with "Baka, Thiessen"

And then after that a trip to the lake with both Grandparents. Suzie loved the water. This was her first real experience with a large body of water and a bathing suit. She had no fear.

Once she got out there she could have kept going. She was buoyant. She was in love with this.

As was I.

There was much fun to be had. There were many to love. I love my family. I adore spending time with them. They fill my heart with joy. Thanks my family for all the fun in all the nooks and crannys of our lives. The hidden corners, the places only we know about. our quiet lives lived together.


  1. The little "tennis" outfit she was wearing with Grandpa was such an 80's photo of a little Angie! cute!

  2. Yeah you're right. And don't you just love that shirt. I found that second hand, it looked brand new before Suzie got into it. Hee hee


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