Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Just another fun and busy weekend

The weekend was filled with work and play as always. In some cases work and play are synonymous. Going to the farm and working in the gardens is just that. Especially when it is turned into a whole family affair.

This is at the end of the work and heading into the play. The two littlest ones did good work pulling weeds and beans and eating the big clumps of dirt. I do believe the tiller had less work after all the dirt the girls worked with.

One last look over of the tiller before lunch. It should be ready to clean that last corner of the garden.

Suzie and "Baka" did fine work with the hoe as well.

Paul and I joined Randy and Mandi to see the farm yard they are hoping to move onto. There are alot of old buildings there that are full of random stuff. I like random stuff.

This barn though, this is not random. It is beautifull. A large bit of paint and a bit more of love and this thing would be something to desire. Good work so far you two. the yard is already starting to look good. I can't imagen how much you have done.

Then on Sunday it was with Alex and Gab and their two boys. Indiana started with pulling Suzie around and then Aleksie climbed in to join the fun. So much fun they all had. Indiana was bringing them to the "play ground". You can tell by the look in his eyes he is having way to much fun. What a great, grown up little boy you are Indiana. Thank you for having so much fun with Suzie.

That is it right there, the slid in their yard is the playground.

Can you even believe those eyes and that hair. My word this is a cute boy.

WEEEE!! Now we are going fast.

Oh, now it's done. Guess we should get out now.

Checking out the slide. This silly girl. When she sits on the slide to go down, she holds on forever and will not let go till she is lieing down and then finaly she comes down.

Supervising the Barbequing to be sure Uncle Alex get's those steaks just so. What wonderful steaks they were.

Again here is the little girl I love. Oh my word Suzie you make my heart skip for joy. You are turning into such a lovely little girl.
Even now I can hear you laughing with joy as you spend time with daddy upstairs. He was alseep and you went to get him all on your own. You two are so much fun to watch together.
Well now it is time to finish getting ready for the trip that we leave for tomorrow. Waterton national park and Martens family reunion. What a spectacular combination. Be Back in August.

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