Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer days. Summer nights.

"Sing, Sing!??" Suzie's love of the swing. It is really to bad that this is one of the worst corners of our yard for Mosquitoes. She loves that swing. She will sit in there the whole time I mow the lawn. With Stick and pine cone in hand, scratching frustratedly at bites on her feet and arms. "Sing, Sing!!" She is unhappy to be moved from this place.

Picnics, we just cover ourselves in mosquito repellent and hope there is a breeze.

I love this little person. I love spending my days with her. I love how much she loves the outdoors. Her little feet stamping the green grass down. "March, march, march"

And when the days are rainy we bake. It is too hot otherwise. We pour fluffy white flour into the mixer. She gobbles up the chocolate chips as quickly as they fall, . We watch the new humming bird feeder being clung to by tiny little birdy feet. "chicken!" "No Suzie that is a humming bird."

While she swings I water the green house. Looking in wonder at the tomato plants with their already fruiting up glories. At this rate it will take very little time before we are eating fresh from our "garden".

Enjoying the fact that this 50 cent candle holder bought for this purpose a year ago from a garage sale is finally being used as first planned.

The "chicken" waiting for less commotion at the kitchen window.

A small flock of little fluffies dealing with the constant rain. Somehow they do not seem to mind as much as I would have thought.

I loved this little lady. She was such a pale, blushing beauty on a wonderful pink peonies.

Ah yes, and then the walk to the local burger joint to pick up lunch.

We, the ladies, were slower than the men so "Baka" carried the little lady.

And then a visit over Chicken nuggets and a burger. What could be better. This day was perfect. A slight breeze to keep the mosquitoes at bay. Warm and dry, yet not to warm, just right.

I love this man. He will rarely allow me to take his picture, but he knows what it means to me. Thanks my love.

Counting with Dad. She counts for her daddy very readily. She is happy to count for him.

Daddy teaching Suzie Thumbs up and the fist bump.


Showing Grama and Grampa her new skills.

These days are fun. The sun when it shines, the baking when it doesn't. Suzie has become a little parrot. If you say anything to her she will repeat the last word. I love her sweet little voice as it calls out words. She sees me with a jug of milk and all she can say is "drink, drink, Drink, DRINK!!!" with such joy. She loves her milk.
When bed time comes and we sit in the bouncy chair and read books. She points out the puppies and kitties. She lays her head so softly on my chest. Her fluffy hair tickling my nose. She finishes her milk "aw done". "Good night Suzie" I love you.
She is asleep now, Paul is on the couch. I think I will join him for a bit before an early bed time for me.

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