Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Yay for new things

I was just reading the first entry in this Blog. It talks about how I was newly married and newly pregnant, life sure changes with the passing of time. I also read an entry from the month of November last year. Suzie is a whole new little person. So many words from this little lady. I can tell most of the time what she wants and what she is thinking about. No wait, not that last bit, I should say I can tell that she is thinking about something. Alot of her words are still gibberish and we need to decipher what they are.

As an example she came to us the other day with something in her hands and she kept saying "hawk, hawk!". What on earth does she want? Paul got it. He won that round of guess the baby's words. "Look", she wanted to show us something, "look!". I guess hawk and look sound similar right?

Daddy and his little girl, She snuggled up to him like this. She loves her daddy so very much.

Yesterday I made her day, how was I to know that this would give her such joy.

All afternoon she would be playing and all of a sudden she would call out "pretty, PreTTY!" pointing to her newly painted nails. Even today she will bring it up, reminding me that she has such lovely toes, as if I might forget.

Cuddles just before bed time

My little 1 and a half year old is no longer a baby. She is grown into this sweet little, chattering, toddler. The only time she is not talking is either when she is eating, sleeping, or totally enthralled with something new. She is a curious little being who enjoys the explorations of life.
Thanks my little sweet pea for the joy you are.

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