Monday, June 21, 2010

Fathers Day Fun

Sunday morning, fathers day morning. Why did I wake up at 7:00 a.m. and not fall back asleep? Suzie has been sleeping in till almost 8:00 a.m. every morning and most often when she does wake, I am up with a start. The first thing I do is jump out of bed, grab the girl, stumble down stairs and put her on the potty. Once that is done I wake up. Not yesterday. Nope, I was like a little girl again. I was so excited about the morning plans. I had mixed up a batch of butterhorns the night before and I couldn't help thinking how much Paul would enjoy them. I lay in bed for about an hour planning timings and what we would have with them.

My heart swells when I bake for my man, I love to bake for someone who enjoys it so much. I love to bake for someone, period. When on my own I would bake and it would sit. Yes of course I would eat some of it but it was no where near the same.

Suzie helped too, I don't have any pictures of the ones she pocked, but she had a hand in the process.

And she waited with pearls on while they were in the oven.

We had bacon and eggs.

Once breakfast was ready Suzie and I went up stairs to get the daddy of the house. All the way up I had Suzie saying "Dadda, I ov you". And then when we opened the bedroom door she stopped. Silly little girl. Paul woke up with a headache so we let him sleep in till everything was ready.

We spent the morning relaxing and just hanging out as a family. Then we got to work.
On fathers day 2010 the fence was finished. The amazing daddy of the home got it done. Suzie now has a yard sized play pen. The only problem now are the mosquitoes that could fly off with her. As you can see in some of the earlier pictures they have already tried. All those red bumps on her legs are bites. As Paul's dad said later, he was sure he had seen one so big it had fur. If last year was easy for lack of them this year has already more than made up for it.

After we were finished with the fence here at home we went to Paul's parents place for a Fathers day/birthday party. There are three birthdays in the month of June on Paul's side.

The plan was to eat out side but as I said earlier, MOSQUITOES!!

So we went in. For supper we had the most amazing steak. There are no pictures for as I said it was most amazing.

For dessert the Kroekers made Ice Cream. Or in Suzie's word "cream". It is an extremely fascinating process. Suzie wanted to see all the action. So from one Aunt to the other she watched.

This is a family affair. Everyone has a part, even if your part is to watch, or try to visit over the extreme, incessant noise that the ice cream maker makes.

Paul's brother and sister and his brothers daughter. Ross, Mandi, and Jordynn.

Jordynn is quite the gal that's for sure. Suzie and her have such a blast running around the house chasing each other and making loud noises together.

The finished product. Ice cream and Saskatoon's. OH MY WORD!!

This was again a wonderful day. Some hard work in the morning, outside while fighting mosquitoes. Eating yummy food and spending time with the dads.

I love this life. My dreams have come true. I longed for a man that would love me and our children. Paul is that man. I cannot express how loving he is. His heart is full. It is apparent that his love is known and returned by our sweet little lady. Her last words while she was falling asleep in my arms where "cream,...dadda, Dadda!" and no more than half a minute later her eyes were shut and her body sighed gently in my arms. A most glorious ending to a wonderful day.

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