Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Front Flower Bed, An Ode To My Mom

Mom this one is for you. You already know the story but I will tell it again for the sake of history and those who do not know it.

While I was growing up my mom loved her flowers. The beds, the boxes, the rock garden. All places that my mom would go to find joy. I did NOT get her. She made no sense to me. I was confused as to how weeding and watering and dead heading could hold anything that might bring joy. (just a quick side note here; Paul is talking on a small Fisher Price phone in a loud, British voice, He is much the entertainer, now it has turned to German. And so I laugh as I write).

I Very much disliked when she asked for my help. The long trips to the green house are another story all together. Those and Fabricland. Yeesh.

Last year the truth was found in my front flower bed. I saw it. I got it. I understood the desire to transform a small piece of land. And so I took control of the bed that was there and told it what I wanted. I told the Irises where to be and the Roses how much height they were aloud. Here is how it went

The plot untouched, the spade is off to the side about to do its job.

The sod rolls back and finds a new home in the back yard.

The branches and all are from the bush along our drive way. They are not the rose bush.

The rocks, oh the many loads of rocks. Slowly they found their homes.

Digging in the dirt was found to hold much joy.

you can see how the water runs from the eaves to create quit a divot.

Now the grass is greening and the rocks are all but in their places.

This was the solution to the water run off problem. It works so well I plan on putting one on the other side.

I love this flower bed.

The Pagoda took a beating from the hail storm we had a few weeks back and so was replaced by this happy little fellow.

The whole time I worked in this garden I thought of you, Mom. My childhood and the joy you brought with the beautiful flowers. I may not have understood it then but that doesn't mean it wasn't wonderful. I did love the beauty that shone in both the flowers and your heart. I love you. Thanks for bringing the joy and love of gardening into our lives.

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  1. Yay!!!! It's beautiful and so are you. You kids brought so much joy to my heart too as you were growing up like new plants being planted here on the soil of this earth. It is not our home but that doesn't mean we weren't meant to enjoy the beauty that God created here. I'm so glad that you are having fun with rocks, dirt and plants. You go girl!!! And, thanks for your appreciation. It means a lot to me. I love you Angie!!!


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