Thursday, June 17, 2010

Quiet afternoons

Well isn't this fun. I get to sit here while Suzie is in the tub having more fun than she knows what to do with. She loves her baths. As soon as the water starts running in the tub she comes with her little pitter patter, her tiny feet carrying her as fast as they can. This is bliss.

Ahhh, and here it is, a wonderful afternoon, the mosquitos aren't too bad (they are mostly deadly these days) There is a shady spot on the yard that feels more private now that there is fence up in that corner.

Reading a book while Suzie takes a nap. The sun is warm and I have mowed the lawn, cleaned up the garden, time for a bit of a break.

I do love a good old book
and the freedom of a baby monitor,

And a really nice blanket to lay out on.

Oh yes and this little guy chatering down at me, I must have been to close.

Then the sweet Bonkers awakes, happy, chating sweetly to herself. I love how she enjoys her crib.

After a good nap it is off to "Baka," and "Baka's" place. Suzie was well taken care of.

Everyone knows that a good grampa will make sure of that.

Ice cream till the child can hold no more.

He tried to give her an apple

She would rather ice cream

Ahh Yes, that is much better.

Thanks "baka" that was great.

Then dinner at Uncle Ross and Auntie Nikki's. Sitting on the chairs that Daddy grew up on.

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