Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Weekends and busy days

On Sunday I put Her into her new bathing suit. Yikes, when she walks the skirt even bounces on her bum. I love watching those little legs scamper quickly down the drive way, or anywhere for that matter.

I found a happy apple for her and she loves it. She looked at it's wonderful smile when I gave it to her and she said "appy". I have been finding old toys for her that we had in our family when I was a kid and they have not lost their playability for her. They are just as great now as ever they were.

Ahh yes, and here is the mud experience. My little lady really does not like stuff on her hands.

She'll do it for a bit but then the words and actions tell you how she really feels.

And if you can't read that face it is saying "yucky!!, GRoss!!" And doing this high pitched whine.

I try to convince her that it is okay, there is nothing wrong with it. But that can't be done. She has met her threshold. So I clean her up and set her onto the next agenda.

The wading pool. It is made to have water going through it from the garden hose but she finds that far too cold. So fill it and let it drain and she will splash in the puddle it has become. Back and forth, from me to the "pool". Till she slips in it and lands on her back in the cold water. That will put an end to anyone's good times.

The next day we went for a drive out to the farm to pick up stones for more of my projects around the yard. (soon you will see the flower bed that I put together in the front).

Suzie loves Puppies, even if they are much bigger than her.

Buck is a wonderfully tame, docile dog. He will put up with anything.

And I mean anything, "eye!, Eye" Yes Suzie that is his eye.

While I as gathering the stones I had come for I had my back turned for a minute and I hear Suzie saying "puppy!!" I turned around to find her being stared at by these three cows. Very cute.

We then went to a creek nearby, to a part of it called beaver damn. I thought it would be a fun outing with Suzie. She ended up falling asleep in the truck and slept the whole time while I spent some time by the creek. There is a great hill above it that lets you look down on the creek and the valley beyond.

It was a lovely day. Suzie had a wonderful nap and I enjoyed the great outdoors. I love this life.

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