Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Of Apples and Springs

Today was a good day. Suzie got up from her nap so happy.

I love her soft face after a nap, her cheeks are softer, her nose is softer, and yet she is ready to go in a blink.

A snack of apples and Cheese make her happy.

At the base of the kitchen window, I love the colors.

Paul came home from work and we decided to have an impromptu picnic at the Eternal springs.

As it was impromptu we, as in I forgot a few things. One; Suzie's booster seat, Two; the chips that Paul mentioned would be good to have along, three; a table cloth. Still it was fun. Suzie just sat on the table and we went without chips.

I did remember the drinks at least.

A short little hike to see the man made lakes.

As we walked by this one part on the path a bird flew up from the ground. Looking to where it had come from we found this little guy and his unhatched sibling. Ugly little guy.

Finally at the spring itself the water seemed to be coming more slowly than I remembered so I went up to the top where if first enters the trough and was trying to guide the water a little.

Turns out the problem was some leaves blocking the path. Got those cleared out and the flow was back to normal.

All in a days fun and adventure.

Paul has said that life with me is always an adventure, whether it's loosing/forgetting my cell phone, locking the keys in the car or forgetting the chips. I am learning to laugh at my memory troubles and he is learning to help keep track of stuff. Maybe we will be all practiced up for our trip in July and it will go off with out to many problems. Life is such a joy, even when the silly little things of it get in the way. So here's to apples and springs some of the little things in life that bring much fun when shared with the ones we love.

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