Friday, June 11, 2010

From Bliss into Nightmare

As gloriously as the morning started that is how terribly it came crashing down. My husband and I woke cuddling this morning. It was wonderful. We spent time visiting and being close. Suzie woke happy and talking. As I am trying to get her into using the potty I get up the minute I hear her and put her on her little potty. After she has gone or shown that she is not ready yet I take her off and she runs around upstairs while I doze in bed with Paul.

It is a good morning, Suzie comes and goes and is happy. At one point she comes to me and tells me "poopin, potty" So I whisk her off and she sits for ten minutes, just reading to herself while I again lay in bed. Then all of a sudden I hear her sweet voice saying "yay, yay, yay" while her little hands clap joyously together.

"Good job Suzie, it's just a little one but you pooped! YAY!"

Okay off to playing you go. Back to bed I go, dozing in and out hearing her sweet voice around the house. Again she comes to me "poopin, potty". My response is what turns this morning around. "Really? no you just went" off she goes.

Then I fall asleep, I hadn't noticed she made her way downstairs. It is time for Paul to get up, time to go to work. Oh this wonderful morning must end.

Then it all comes loose, Suzie is fussing downstairs. I don't know why. Paul goes down and this is what I hear. "OH NO!!! Suzie, what is going on?" and then this, "ANGIE! We have containment issues!!" This is never a good sentence, this means Suzie has gone in her diaper and it did not stay there. This means my morning went sour, this means I have to run.

And sure enough when I come downstairs I see Suzie being flown through the house, hanging by her arms cause there is no safe place to touch her. She is in the shower, I start the water. "Oh this is Gross!" Suzie says "gross, yucky" I say yes indeed. Paul tells me from the other room I will not like the sight of my favorite green chair.

And yes he was right. Poop everywhere. This makes me sad, mad at myself for not listening to my child who is definitely learning but not totally there in the potty training world. I rush around the house cleaning and seeing that it seems the whole house has gone into ciaos. Dishes from last night fill the sink, clothes all over the bedroom floors and poop everywhere.

I want to be upset. But then I remember my lovely family, the joy that it brings. That this was not Suzie's fault but very much my own. So yes there can be crappy mornings but oh such joy intermingled. Suzie at this moment standing beside me rocking her "baby" while "singing" a lullaby. I wasn't going to write this story, I was going to leave it out. I wanted my blog to be about the happy times. But this is oddly one of them, not in the heat of the moment. After, in the laughs, in the joy that comes crashing back in. This is a good day. You always wake from the bad dreams to find they are not real.

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  1. Good attitude, Angie.. it'll get you through a lot of shitty days! You're a great mom... and that is one cute and lovable grambaby!! That does not mean, however, that I'd ever be interested in the cleanup that you had to endure!


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