Friday, June 4, 2010

Pleasant days

Here's Binky, She got a make over a few days back. I was concerned that Suzie would not like her as much if I changed her eyes.
Binky started out as my teddy from years gone by. She had plastic googly eyes that were cracked and yellowed. They had even been chewed on by a cat when I was young. So I removed them and gave her small blue eyes of thread. Her mouth was wearing thin and her belly lacked any stuffing. I don't have a before but I have her current state.

Happy with her new eyes.
As I was sewing her eyes on Suzie would sit in my lap, with concern in her voice she talked to me in her gibberish. I told her that it was okay, Binky was just getting fixed up a bit. Suzie made sure to tell Binky "i'sokay". When finished the work Suzie came to the table and grabbed Binky as though she had been in surgery for hours, it had been all of 15 minutes. She carried her over to the Green Chair, Suzie's chair. and spent time with her.

Cuddling close

Reminding her who is alive and who is stuffed.

Taking a moment to relax.

Binky watching over her new owner.

Suzie watching MTS dig a large hole across the street

The first flower in my hanging pots. I started these pots from seeds and was not sure they would make it as I had them outside for one day when they were too young yet. The wind gave them a real beating. But it seems the green house has brought them back.

Eating cookies and pineapple out on the new deck

A whole cookie to herself

Backing Cinnamon buns with the little ladies help

She has to have her hands in everything these days.
Life is wonderful with my little girl. She is helpful and sweet.
As Paul leaves for work she calls out "i o you"
We sure love every busy moment of it.

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