Friday, June 11, 2010

Suzie's Shots

Here she is, ready for the trip ahead. I put this "jackee" on her and she felt it and said "pretty".

Indeed she knows her stuff.

In the Dodge ready to go.

Time to Climb all over the waiting areas couches.
When we walked in the first thing we heard was a woman screaming, one of those, "I just SAW a MOUSE!!" kind of a screams. That was my first thought and I was right. There were upwards of ten women wandering around the reception area. Some with Brooms, others calling from as far back as they could get while still being in on the action. Instructions coming in from every corner. Some laughing. "I think it went right under my SHOE, and they're open toes!!!". We got to wait a bit longer for the shots cause Suzie's nurse was the resident farmer with no fears. Her and a few others would go into the room where last the little critter was spotted, the door would close and then nothing. In the end I don't know if they got it. I think it evaded them. The maintenance worker was called. It was left up to him. The ordeal had been put off for later when I would no longer be there. We move on to our appointment. And I don't think Suzie had a clue of any of it.

She was to busy watching a distant TV that had cartoons on.

The shot is being prepared in the corner, Suzie knows something is up. She gets that look of deep study. The one that makes me think of Paul every time. I love that look. I am sorry for what is to come but it is necessary. I encourage her. She will be fine.

And she is, the first shot is barely noticed. She gets a "pretty" on her one arm. I know the truth. This next one is the one that stings. This is the one that makes her cry every time.

But we have a good Health nurse, she distracts Suzie from the pain. There is an annoyingly loud bell that she rings and Suzie can't even think of the pain. In fact I can't even think of it. I remember the first time she cried with this needle it made me cry. Now I know that it passes.

This is the look of a girl who has had a shot, a dose of Tylenol, and a 20 minute drive home.
She is fine. She wakes up happy. The only memory she has of the trip is what the two little "prettys" tell her.

In the evening she is back to normal. The Kitty sits in the highchair while Suzie feeds it her left over bun. And lately with all the potty training going on in this house, soon every stuffed animal and doll will know to use the potty. It is good, this home will be a well trained home. If anyone has trouble training their stuffed toys to use the toilet just drop them off for a week here, Suzie will have them well taken care of.
I love this little girl, all the new things she is coming up with as of late. She brings me such joy. I am sooo thankful for her sweet smile, her joyous laugh, and her dancing and singing.

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