Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Starting again?

Ha Ha ha, I am going to get back into this. For serious this time. That is why I laugh, Cause I say those words. Let's see if I can live up to it.

Paul asked me the other day why I don't update this. I said it was "cause I don't think anybody actually reads it". His response was in the form of, who really cares if anyone reads it. I guess if I look at it as more of an online diary, or even just accounts of our lives, than it really is no big deal.

So here I am once again with the lofty plans to keep this updated. You'll know if I manage or not.

As of late I have been reading Little Dorrit by Charles Dickens. I have been longing to get into a more difficult read again. Something I have spent more time on in the past but with a new child have found difficult. I had managed to get past the first few chapters and am now more than half way through. Those first few are always the deciding factor. If I can push through the difficult to concentrate stage I will continue. Much enjoyment is found even in the ten minutes I find here and there through out the day to read a few paragraphs.

I am into sewing again/still. I have been inspired to take old clothes of mine that I liked for one reason or other but have found unwearable for other reasons and alter the problem spots. Maybe I can even post some of them here so you get what I mean.

This is the before picture.

This is after

This is the back of the after

As for now I am going to get back to the next one I am working on.


  1. Well Mei was more than confused...she thought you were pregnant. ha ha. I have finally explained it, so no rumors will start from us! So good for you to re-do some clothing and get more use out of it! yeah recycling!

  2. What a great job!! You are very talented.
    Nice deck too!!
    Auntie Dodie


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