Friday, May 7, 2010

Colorful things

Going for a walk with Suzie always entails a few things. First I tell her we are going for a walk. From that moment on all she can think about is socks, shoes, jackets, and walking. Most important on her list of things for preparation is to get the basket.

Here she is with said basket.

Then we spend our walk going about collecting things to put in the basket. Pine cones and rocks are favorites.

Once we have collected these items and also the mail and whatever else it is we are off to do. We come back to the house and she "organises" her treasures on the front stairs.

While Suzie organises her treasures on the front stairs I spend time working in my flower bed or taking pictures of my flowering tree out front. My mom had one of these trees outside the house I grew up in. I always loved it and when it turned out my husbands house had one too, well I was made very happy by that.

I took in a few cuttings for around the house. I wasn't sure if they would bloom indoors but they seem to be having no trouble.

Later after the walk Suzie got to spend some time in the green chair with Grandma (a.ka. Backa) to read the local paper. The green chair is where a lot of reading gets done.
In these pictures Suzie is wearing her most favorite outfit. It is made of such bright green, red, blue, and yellow stripes. I really do love my days with this colorful girl.

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  1. we'll need a pic of that colorful outfit too!


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