Sunday, November 8, 2009

A little girl with tears

That is my Suzie dear next to me at this moment. Great thing is it is a rare thing, for she is generally a happy kid. This month she turns one and that is strange. To think it has been a whole year, 343 days as of yet, that i have spent with this little person. Being mostly my job to be sure she is fed and watered, Changed and bedded.

My dear little girl knows how to sign for "more" and "please". These are both great things but at this moment, when she stands crying next to me and asks for more I am completely unsure as to what she wants more of. More tears? more Nap? We'll try that and see how it goes. I just put her in her crib and she is quiet but she often does that and then starts to play without even sleeping. Sometimes she needs to shut out the outside world and needs my help to do it.

Yesterday we gave her an old baby walker. OH mY WORD! You would think we gave her the world. She loves the thing. Still doesn't no how to turn it around when she comes to a wall but definitely boosting her confidence. Already last night she started to stand next to things and let go for a longer time then usual. Just stand there like she plans on going somewhere in a moment. Every time she gets up next to the walker she starts to Blather away, almost think she thinks she is going grocery shopping or something.

Today has been a most wonderfully relaxed day. Just spending time with my little girl and my wonderful husband. Also dropped in at his parents place for a bit. Now I will soon be working on making supper. Roast beef, yorkshire pudding, and what ever else I can come up with quickly.
It seems a nap was most definitely what she was looking for "more" of, haven't heard a sound from her since I put her down.

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  1. I still have a vivid imprint in my memory of giving Kate that "old walker" and how she wore size 5 little shoes with trains on them. And how she liked to keep her sleepers on underneath overalls. How she would get a little lopsided grin and push that walker. The next day she had a teddy in it. Then her favourite lotion bottle got rides. And how she hated getting stuck up against the walls! ha ha. Imprinted in the mind, these things!


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