Monday, May 17, 2010

The deck Project

This first picture is the first one I got of the "before". It is after a few things have already been done. BBQ's sat on a cement pad that went from just under the stairs to just past those two wires going into the house. It was all cracked up and slopped in towards the house. Also on either side of the stairs were flower beds with ferns in them. That got moved to the left side of the deck. So here we go.

The stairs that came out from the door. The cement pad all ready broken up and being moved.

Suzie, our little helper, She was in on every part of the project.

before the stairs are removed

And now they're gone. Behind the shovel is where the ferns went.

The ground was leveled out by Roger, a friend of ours.

The deck in place with two posts in, forgot to take pics of it on the jack stands. (note the level there, This deck ended up extremely level despite having come from a friends yard where Paul said it had been set aside and gone askew.)

Two more posts go in.

Suzie helped to make sure it was square.

This, by the way is her favorite outfit spoken of in an earlier post.

The last post going in, Yay!

The spindles are going up. This is getting to be a long day.

Spindles done, here are the stairs, the same ones that used to come straight from the house. Supper was done on the BBQ while Paul put in the steps.

Then comes the banister

And it's done!!!
Alot of work over two weekends, but as Paul and I sat on it last night He said, "the wood hasn't even stopped creaking, nor the impact driver cooled off and I have decided that a deck is an awesome thing". My response to him was "this is stellar".
We celebrated with some nice cool ice cream from the local burger joint.

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  1. This made such a wonderful picture in my mind that I am actually tearing up. Wow. You WILL enjoy this thing called a deck and rightfully so. I'm sure by next week some other beautification will have happened too.


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